Free Downtown Entertainment This Summer

While the whiteout parties are behind us, there’s no shortage of excuses to head downtown in droves for free entertainment this summer.

Tune in

Throughout June and July, every Thursday comes alive with members of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO) serenading people in the streets through their lunch hours.

Edmonton Street (between Graham Avenue and Portage Avenue) will see duets or solo acts from the WSO perform each week. Concert pianists, violinists, horn players and vocalists will carry tunes throughout the noon hour.

On Tuesdays, Cityplace draws its own crowd for a lunchtime concert series out on its second-floor terrace off the food court. Catch live Manitoban acts throughout the summer months until August’s end.

Not to be outdone, Portage Place stages its own Indigenous Concert Series on the last Fridays of June, July and August.

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Sweat it out

If it’s a workout you’d rather fit in, the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Fitness in the Park is kicking off another summer jam-packed with opportunities to work up a sweat.

Every Monday to Friday, from now until August’s end, green spaces throughout the downtown will host free fitness classes suited to all types of participants.

Memorial Park, Millennium Library Park and Upper Fort Garry will see Pilates enthusiasts, Zumba lovers, boot camp devotees and yogis unite for a free sweat.

The rotating roster at each location helps you mix up your routine if you’d like to attend multiple classes – visit Millennium Library Park for yoga on Mondays and Fridays, Memorial Park for Zumba on Mondays and Fridays, Millennium Library Park for Zumba on Wednesdays and Pilates on Thursdays, and Upper Fort Garry for boot camp Tuesdays and Thursdays.

(Dates are weather permitting – be sure check the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ social media channels @downtownwpgbiz to be notified in case of any changes!)

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Shop ‘til you drop

Finally, shopping for fresh produce during your workday is made easier through the popular Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Farmers’ Market, serving up fresh local fruits and veggies, baked goods, preserves, meats and cheese, crafts and many other handmade gems looking for a home.

Everything from locally made bitters and spirits, gluten-free perogies and fresh lemonade can be squeezed out of this hyperlocal festivity. Located behind Manitoba Hydro Place and along Edmonton Street, the market is always received with much fanfare (not unlike our beloved Jets making playoffs). Find the Market running 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Thursday from June through September.

Stay tuned for more on special Night Markets (new this year) to take place the last Friday of each month this summer from 4 to 11 p.m. outside Manitoba Hydro Place.


For more information on upcoming downtown summer events, visit


On resolutions…

Ah, New Year’s resolutions – they give you a great feeling of starting fresh, and having a whole new year ahead of you. And you do! But I think we all know how easy it is to fall of the wagon with them – especially when they’re resolutions to exercise and eat healthy! So I’m starting a mini-project this month to discover what’s fun and or/delicious about healthy living and healthy eating downtown to help all my friends, and myself, keep up with our resolutions! I’m going to try out the gyms and the healthier dishes on restaurant menus, and share everything I find with you all! And if you’ve got places you want me to visit, just let me know!
OK, first up – I’m starting with fitness!

What: Goodlife Downtown
Where: 7th floor, 201 Portage
What’s awesome about it: Funnily enough, the “where” is also the “what’s awesome” here. And I don’t just mean that the Portage & Main location is super-convenient for a lunchtime run. It’s the fact that it’s the whole 7th floor of the 201 Portage building – that means it’s got a fantastic view, and they work it! The spin class has big floor to ceiling windows along the side that give an amazing views to help keep you feeling good when your legs start to feel like they’re going to fall off. The room for their classes is the same – think doing yoga or cardio gazing over the rooftops of downtown. But the treadmills are the best of all – they’re all arranged right up against the windows that overlook Portage & Main. Running in the sky? Yes please! Makes it MUCH easier to keep on going back.

Next up – I’m going to try some outdoor cardio! 🙂