Llama Tell You All You Need To Know About Folklorama

The 48th annual Folklorama— Canada’s largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind in the world–kicked off the two-week festival downtown with a party on Saturday night.

The pavilions open August 6 and are located across the city and include the RBC Convention Centre. Festival travel guides and maps can be found here.

It might be smart to start planning your Folklorama route now. You’ll want to maximize the entertainment and culinary delights you take in during the next two weeks. There will be added excitement as our guests from the Canada Summer Games are part of the Folklorama fanfare and will be likely experiencing the festival for the first time.

Starting downtown at the RBC Convention Centre is a great way to divide the city into quadrants and head out for your Folklorama fun. May we suggest buying tickets online–a new feature this year*. If you want to explore multiple pavilions in one evening, joining a VIP Tour is the way to go. Experience a VIP Tour by walking, cycling or motor coach. Folklorama’s VIP Tours include two or three pavilions and allow you to bypass the line, reserved seating with table service, and a delicious and authentic progressive meal. To explore the VIP Tours and buy online, visit folklorama.ca. Or if you want plan a spontaneous evening out! Round up your family and friends and enjoy dinner and a show!

And be sure to follow the Folklorama on social media, tag your posts #myfolklorama and share this fantastic festival Winnipeg is proud to host year after year. Powered by dedicated volunteers, Folklorama is a great way to share our city’s diversity with your family, friends, and any out of town guests traveling through Winnipeg.


Please note:
  • Purchase single admission tickets ($6.00) to select pavilions at folklorama.ca in advance.
  • Advance online tickets will be available starting July 3, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.
  • Purchase advance online tickets up to 9:00 a.m. on the day you would like to attend.
  • Advance online tickets are specific to pavilion and show times.
  • Once purchased, advance online tickets may not be exchanged for another pavilion, date or showtime and are non-refundable.


Big Fun Festival is back for year 2!

Big FunYou know what I think says something awesome about us as Winnipeggers? Well, two things –

One, that we never think we’ve got enough art and culture in our city and downtown – as well-known as our arts scene is, there’s always room for one more show and festival and celebration. Like Big Fun! It’s one of the newest, shiniest events we have to offer, in just its second year! It showcases multiple genres of music and art in venues throughout the city, with a bunch of venues downtown. And they’re not kidding about the multiple genres – check out the lineup page, they describe the bands as everything from “A Newfie ex-patriot takes boozy leadership of a group of musical delinquents” to “As innocent and honest as sprinkle party cake ice cream.” Love!

And two, that we’re willing to host a festival no matter what the weather – we’re not putting our fun on hold just cause it’s a bit chilly out! Big Fun is coming right up this week, from January 24 – 27. Who needs sweaters when you’ve got packed venues full of dancing to keep you warm!

If you want to be part of it, it’s $40 for an all access pass, and there’s all sorts of info on the Big Fun website here!