Introducing Peggy’s Squad Contests!

Many of you know that I love contests and contests are even better when you can enjoy prizes with some of your favourite people. Peggy’s Squad Contests are just that! Enjoy a day or evening doing some of my favourite things downtown and invite your squad to come along.

Here’s how the contests work:

  • Every time you see the image below on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that there’s a new Peggy’s Squad contest.

Peggy's Squad Contest Alert (3)

  • Follow the instructions provided in the post and you will automatically be entered to win an amazing experience including yourself and 3-10 of your friends (number of friends depend on the contest).

Stay tuned for my first ever Peggy’s Squad contest on Monday, April 24th. Hint: It involves amazing food!

See you downtown,


A Moveable Feast

5253 DBIZ_Tours_MoveableFeast_screen(1)There are some things that it never occurred to me to put together – but are a brilliant match. Like cycling + eating!

That’s the agenda for A Moveable Feast tour next week, with seven different stops for foodie lovers downtown, in the West End, Exchange and St B.

You hop on your bike with a group, and cycle between 7 different restaurants and cafes for food & drink – that’s a seriously epic feast, not to mention a unique experience! I stop for coffee lots on my bike in to work, but this takes it to a whole new level – I’ve never done a group ride before, and I love the idea of cruising around the streets from restaurant to restaurant!

If it sounds like this is your cup of tea, tix are just $30, available at 426 Portage Avenue or 2nd Floor, 133 Albert St. – they’re limited, so get yours quickly!

If you don’t make it in though, not to worry – there are a whole bunch of other tours going on this summer too – patio crawls, more cycling, wine tasting tours, walks through rooftop gardens, even a history of crime tour! And hey, maybe if this one’s popular enough they’ll do a second date!