Downtown Winnipeg Tours – Not Just for Summer!

For those of you who follow me on social media, especially on Instagram where I do Instagram-stories, you’ve probably seen that I do lots of fun tours of Downtown Winnipeg.  Usually at this time of year, we’re wrapping up our Downtown Winnipeg Tour season…but not this year!  I will be offering tours year-round and in fact have just launched a couple of new winter-only tours!


Tours that will run year-round include:


Tap In Tour (beer tour) – $40.00

Four restaurant stops with participants receiving a beer and appetizers at each stop along the way. Next tour – Friday, November 3rd!




Winnipeg Wine Tour – $85.00

Three restaurant stops with two wine samples and food pairings at each stop (total of six glasses of wine!) Next tour – Friday, November 23rd!




Breakfast Club – $40.00

Whether you’re a brain, an athlete, a basket-case or a princess, join us as we hit up three to four of downtown Winnipeg’s best breakfast spots for the most important meal of the day! Next tour – Sunday, November 26th!



NEW FOR WINTER 2017/2018

Cocktail Crawl – $40.00

Four restaurant stops with participants receiving a cocktail and appetizers at each stop.  This is the winter version of my popular Patio Crawl (shown left) – we’ll use the Winnipeg Walkways to walk from restaurant to restaurant without going outside at all! First tour – Friday, November 10th!

Bikes & Brunch – $40.00

The winter version of our Moveable Feast Bike tour – there is an option to either bring your own winterized/fat bike or to rent one for an additional $20 through us.  We will bike to three to four breakfast/brunch spots.  If you’ve ever been looking for an excuse to get on a fat bike, this is IT!

First tour – Sunday, December 2nd!


I’d love to see you and your friends out at some of my tours!  To book any of the tours, please visit


Introducing Peggy’s Squad Contests!

Many of you know that I love contests and contests are even better when you can enjoy prizes with some of your favourite people. Peggy’s Squad Contests are just that! Enjoy a day or evening doing some of my favourite things downtown and invite your squad to come along.

Here’s how the contests work:

  • Every time you see the image below on my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that there’s a new Peggy’s Squad contest.

Peggy's Squad Contest Alert (3)

  • Follow the instructions provided in the post and you will automatically be entered to win an amazing experience including yourself and 3-10 of your friends (number of friends depend on the contest).

Stay tuned for my first ever Peggy’s Squad contest on Monday, April 24th. Hint: It involves amazing food!

See you downtown,


A Moveable Feast

5253 DBIZ_Tours_MoveableFeast_screen(1)There are some things that it never occurred to me to put together – but are a brilliant match. Like cycling + eating!

That’s the agenda for A Moveable Feast tour next week, with seven different stops for foodie lovers downtown, in the West End, Exchange and St B.

You hop on your bike with a group, and cycle between 7 different restaurants and cafes for food & drink – that’s a seriously epic feast, not to mention a unique experience! I stop for coffee lots on my bike in to work, but this takes it to a whole new level – I’ve never done a group ride before, and I love the idea of cruising around the streets from restaurant to restaurant!

If it sounds like this is your cup of tea, tix are just $30, available at 426 Portage Avenue or 2nd Floor, 133 Albert St. – they’re limited, so get yours quickly!

If you don’t make it in though, not to worry – there are a whole bunch of other tours going on this summer too – patio crawls, more cycling, wine tasting tours, walks through rooftop gardens, even a history of crime tour! And hey, maybe if this one’s popular enough they’ll do a second date!