No sleep, only art this weekend!

It’s Culture Days all this weekend, and Nuit Blanche this Saturday night! If you’ve never been to either, what that means for you is a) you’ve been missing out and b) I’ve got your weekend planned for you.

From Friday to Sunday, all around the downtown and other parts of the city, and even all over the province there are going to be free celebrations of culture everywhere! That means music performances, craft classes, chances to see behind the scenes at major cultural venues, martial arts workshops – seriously, ALL kinds of culture for you to get out and sample!

But my favourite part of the weekend has to be Saturday night for Nuit Blanche – what can I say, I love nightlife! On the night of the 28th only, there are going to be art exhibits popping up all over the downtown, Exchange, and St Boniface – they go up at dark, and are gone by sunrise like magic!

There are more than 60 events at Nuit Blanche this year, so I’ve been scoping them out to see what my must-sees are – so far, I’ve got:

  1.  A forge! Matt Jenkins and his team are setting up a forge at Old Market Square – I’ve never seen one in person and can’t wait to check it out. photoby_J-Gaune_ForgingbyNight_MattJenkins_NBW-2012-200x300
  2. The whole night sky under your feet – this one sounds pretty epic. The entire surface parking lot behind the MTS Centre is going to be taken over and transformed into a glowing space that looks like the stars just landed all around you! Love the name too – Glow in the Park(in Lot)!tumblr_inline_miy0p6vlVG1qz4rgp
  3. The Museum of New Ideas – this one’s mobile, so I’m going to have to try catching it! It’s a fabulously old-timey looking truck that’s going to be showing films and travelling around from place to place at Nuit Blanche:
  4. kgm- museum of new ideas- from FB - Saskatoon - June 13 2013The events at the WAG! This one is always amazing – I’ve never seen lineups at 2AM at the art gallery on any other night! And this year, they’re going big – just a FEW of the things their doing include the opening of a new exhibit, Mama Cutsworth DJ’ing at midnight, and reconstructing the Parthenon on the roof. Because why not.
  5. Electric Kool-Aid Almond Test. The name alone is worth going for, right? But the event is just as awesome – live music on the rooftop, art, and street food all night long at the Deer & Almond, including nibbles from chefs from Bistro 7 1/4, Peasant Cookery, Diversity and of course Deer & Almond themselves. Love!

And there’s seriously lots, lots more. Basically every blue dot on that map is a one-night-only art experience! If you’re worried you won’t make them all, that’s what those pink trolley markers are for – the Winnipeg Trolley is going to be shuttling around offering free transport that night so you can cover as much ground as possible!


So don’t just take my shortlist – go to and and check out all the events going on and make your own! See you there (bring your coffee!)