6 Things You Need To Know About Chain For Change!

They’re one of Narcity’s 40 Things You Gotta Do This February 2018 in Winnipeg , and with February a week away, I know you’re wondering…what is Chain For Change all about?

Well, pals, I got you covered!  I caught up with Karly Tardiff, the amazing and dynamic moving force behind Chain for Change to find out the 6 Things You Need To Know About Chain for Change!

Karly Tardiff, director for Chain For Change, is photographed at The Forks skating rink Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Tardiff is hoping to to get 400 ice skaters out February 4th to break a world record and to fundraise for CancerCare Manitoba.

1. Why organize a World Record Attempt?

It’s kind of a funny story! Originally I am from Ontario and moved to Winnipeg just over a year ago. One of the first things I had to do was find a job but also resolved to train for my first full marathon and look for volunteer opportunities. I ended up coming across a blog detailing a man’s quest to becoming the ‘top 1%’ of people in the world, which apparently involves running a full marathon on every continent and breaking a World Record. Of course I was curious as to what record(s) he might have accomplished and found that they all involved some sort of ‘chain’; longest chain of people floating down the river in inner tubes, longest chain of people doing yoga simultaneously… which got me to thinking about ‘chain’ records we could break in Winnipeg. Naturally, the longest chain of ice skaters came to mind, especially since we have one of the longest ice trails in the world. The current record for this is 370 people and I KNOW Winnipeg can smash this. It just seemed logical that if we gather this many people together, we should fundraise for a great cause and Chain for Change was born!

2. What’s involved with planning a World Record Attempt?

Participants!!! Like I mentioned, 370 is the current record so 371 skaters need to REGISTER to join us at The Forks at 1:00pm on February 4, which also happens to be World Cancer Day! Guinness is VERY strict with documentation which is why we are really stressing the registration aspect. Participants will line up in a ‘conga-line’ formation the skating trail at The Forks and skate 400 meters in an unbroken line. We only have 3 attempts! The line will be monitored by volunteer ‘stewards’ who will keep track of a specified 50 participants to ensure the line remains intact throughout the attempt. Volunteer ‘witnesses’ will sign off on the steward ‘statements’ (the steward will have to fill out a document stating participants remain joined through the duration of the attempt) and the number of participants registered/counted on the event day. We will also need to submit photographic and video evidence, witness and steward statements, certification of the distance verified by a qualified surveyor and a detailed report on the attempt!

We looked into having a Guinness judge on site to verify the attempt in real-time but this costs $10,000 and we certainly did not want to take any funds away from our cause, CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

3. What made you decide to partner with CancerCare Manitoba Foundation to fund-raise as a part of Chain For Change?

We decided to support CancerCare Manitoba Foundation because, unfortunately, everyone has been touched by cancer in some way. CancerCare has been so good to so many people and families we know personally and knowing all funds stay within Manitoba is so important because we are certain all dollars raised will go straight to those who need it most.

4. How can I sign up?

To register, please visit www.ChainForChangeWPG.com

Follow us on instagram @ChainForChangeWPG and Twitter @Chain4ChangeWPG to stay in the loop leading up to the day!

We will be having an ‘event-day kit pickup’ on February 3 that will also include a MASSIVE draw that my only be entered if you pick up your kit the day before the event, you won’t want to miss out!

5. What if you don`t know how to skate, but would like to help out?

If you cannot skate but want to be a part of Chain for Change, please email ChainForChangeWPG@gmail.com

We are looking for ‘event-day coordinators’ who can help our committee with logistics on the ‘kit pickup’ day, February 3, and the day of Chain for Change, February 4.

Donating to our cause through www.ChainForChangeWPG.com is always an option,too, and greatly appreciated!

6. What’s one more thing that you’d like us to know about Chain for Change?

Please pre-register! It would be heartbreaking if our record wasn’t verified due to documentation error. There is also a 12 year old minimum age for registration as well as participants being able to confidentially ice skate. This is to ensure participants are physically able to hold on in the line without struggle for safety.

After registration, we would really appreciate if participants were able to help us in reaching our fundraising goal of $20,000.

Thank you so much for chatting with me about Chain for Change, Karly!

There you have it, folks!  Let’s all get out there and support Chain for Change in their World Record Attempt and their fundraising efforts!

Chain for Change takes place at 1:00pm on Sunday, February 4th, at The Forks.

Training Time!

My first run!

It’s officially 2 months until Manyfest’s 10+10 race and if I’m going to run it without falling down, I figured I’d better start training! There are a lot of great gyms in the downtown area. But with weather like this it seemed like a shame to stay indoors, so I just came back from my first run. It was a gorgeous day for it – almost too hot, so I’m glad I’m starting with short runs!

If you want to stay away from traffic, running outside around downtown can be tricky – but I’ve been hunting for routes and tried out some great ones for the first time today!

Yoga in the Park has been reminding me how important stretching is to me, so I got warmed up in the Legislature grounds by Osborne and took off east along Assiniboine Avenue. It’s a nice inspiring way to start – the Leg grounds and fountain on one side, and the river on the other. Assiniboine’s beautiful old trees kept me nice and shady, and the new bike lane meant I had lots of sporty company alongside me to keep me motivated!

The Forks was the perfect halfway point for a quick water stop in the heat, and back I went!

It was a great way to start my training – next time, I think I’m going to try starting at the Forks and heading up Waterfront. Anyone else have a favourite running route for me to try?

Make a change for the better

So here’s a chance to do something good AND win an iPad. I’d say deals don’t get much better than that.

The Downtown BIZ’s Change for the Better program assists homeless people by providing them with supports such as job counselling, resume writing, hot meals, clean clothes etc. It plays off that whole “if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime” idea.

Since 1992, more than $100,000 has been raised for Change for the Better. In fact, many of the Downtown BIZ’s own Clean Team members were beneficiaries of the program. Now, instead of living on the streets, these men and women are making a meaningful contribution to society and improving their lives.

The program goes a long way to boosting self confidence and easing people with social problems back into the task of holding down a full time job.

Since the holidays are coming and people’s hearts tend to be a little more open at this time of year I thought I’d appeal to your generosity—and you get the double benefit of changing a life and winning a great prize.

Until December 31, 2010, if you make a donation to Change for the Better, you are automatically entered to win an Apple iPad! There are a couple of ways to enter—visit the Change for the Better booth in Portage Place mall every Thursday from 1pm-3pm or donate online through Paypal. (You’ll have to visit this link and click on the “Donate” button on the right hand side of the page.)


As always:

  • Take the Pledge to Shop Downtown for the Holidays. Last week we gave away tickets to the Moscow Ballet. This week, we’ve got tickets for Mira Black at the WAG, as well as MTC’s production of White Christmas up for grabs. Tell your friends.
  • If you haven’t already nominated someone for Peggy’s Secret Santa, don’t forget. I know someone in your life deserves a special treat this holiday season, so play a good little elf and nominate them.
  • And finally, be sure to enter the Downtown Makeover contest!

Get it when you want it

I discovered the neatest thing today–Cravers All Night Delivery.

Their model apparently means getting you what you want, when you want it.

Have a craving for a VJ’s Special at 2am? Partying with your friends and are dying for a fish and chips roll from Samurai Sushi? Need a pizza delivered in the dead of night? Then Cravers will bring it to you.

No need to throw on a coat over your pajamas (this is especially beneficial during the winter) or risk driving when you’ve been having a little too much fun. Just pick up the phone, and voila, it comes to your door.

(I’ve heard New York City is like this. You never actually have to leave your apartment to get anything. See that? We’re just like New York now.)

The best part is TeamBuy is offering a deal for Cravers today. Pick up a coupon for $20 for two large two topping pizzas from Cravers All Night Delivery.

Cravers All Night Delivery
801-388 Portage Avenue
415-I-EAT (415-4328)


Stuff to remember:

  • Take the Pledge to Shop Downtown for the Holidays. Last week we gave away tickets to the Moscow Ballet. This week, we’ve got tickets for Mira Black at the WAG, as well as MTC’s production of White Christmas up for grabs. Tell your friends.
  • If you haven’t already nominated someone for Peggy’s Secret Santa, don’t forget. I know someone in your life deserves a special treat this holiday season, so play a good little elf and nominate them.
  • And finally, be sure to enter the Downtown Makeover contest!

Lunch hour wandering

I just got back from a rather productive lunch break–have you noticed how sunny and gorgeous it is outside?

So I have a confession. One of my stops was to my weekly Weight Watchers meeting on Smith Street. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve still got a few Holiday pounds to shed and the looming bathing suit season is ahead of me. That and I went to the Joan Rivers fundraiser dinner at the Hotel Fort Garry last week where I ate too much because the food was so good. (PS-Joan Rivers was hilarious no matter what Lindor Reynolds says.)

There aren’t very many Weight Watchers in the city and their head office is downtown (yay for us). The best part is the meetings are Tuesday and Thursday at noon, so it’s perfect to whip over there on your lunch hour. I even walk there, so I get in my exercise that way.

After my meeting I was walking down Graham and stopped in at Moi Boutique. They’ve had this fierce (I hate that word) black flower dress in the window for the last few weeks that I have been coveting. It turns out they are having a ridiculous sale and all their dresses are 25%-40% off. Can we say Christmas in March?

Anyway, sadly the dress didn’t fit. (And no, it has nothing to do with the aforementioned Weight Watchers meeting. It was too BIG. I swear.) However, I did pick up a very cute grey wrap top for 40%, plus another 15% off. The man that owns the store is very friendly, and I have it on good authority that if you shop there regularly, he gives you special discounts. I don’t know how much I need to spend to get into this exclusive club, but I’ve now made it my life’s mission.

Then I decided I needed an orange and I headed to the grocery store at the Bay to pick some up. It’s pretty empty down there right now, but that’s because there’s a Zellers moving in! Pretty exciting. No word on if they’re keeping the grocery store, but fingers crossed because I know a lot of people love it. Anyway in the meantime, they’ve got oranges and a lady with a bun and pinstriped vest who’ll do your taxes down there. Neat.