Delicious Honey, Coming Straight from your Neighbourhood

For centuries, honey has been known as “nature’s gold” for its great taste and amazing health benefits such as the prevention of heart disease, reducing throat irritation, and the healing of wounds. How amazing is that! Honey is definitely a favourite of mine and when I found out that we had hives here in downtown Winnipeg, I was super excited to find out more!

Chris Kirouac, the founder of Beeproject Apiaries, started his company as an experimental project, as the bee community and the ability to extract a pure and natural food from them, piqued his curiosity. He now refers to it as his out of control hobby!

IMG_3048 (2).JPG

Chris initially started out with five hives and he and his wife now maintain over 140 in the Gimli/Winnipeg area, including some in our very own downtown. Last year, Beeproject produced Neighbourhood Honey by beehives kept on the Manitoba Hydro Place rooftop, where they fit perfectly with the sustainability mindset that the building was created with. While downtown, these bees discreetly pollinated local flowers in their search for local pollen and nectar.

One of the many great things about Beeproject is that they promote urban beekeeping and are committed to using sustainable methods by using organic techniques of hive management whenever possible.

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With its great taste and amazing health benefits, it is sad to see that the honey bee population is globally declining with over a third of the population disappearing over the last five years. What this means is that our agriculture is in serious danger. More than 130 fruits and vegetables that make up a nutritious diet, depend on the cross-pollination of honey bees.

Urban settings such as the rooftop of the Manitoba Hydro Place are ideal for honey bees, as they are shielded from the many bee-killing pesticides linked to industrial agriculture, while also gaining more days for pollinating due to warmth and wind protection.

The Urban Pollination Project, an initiative created by the Beeproject, is generating awareness about these issues and continues to promote urban beekeeping which is so great for these honey bees and our downtown! Find out more by visiting their website at

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WHERE TO FIND BEEPROJECT HONEY: Beeproject’s creamed honey can be purchased at a number of retailers throughout the city, while their Neighbourhood Honey can only be purchased directly through their website or exclusively through Parlour Coffee and Chew Restaurant.

We also have some exciting news to share! Beeproject will be opening a storefront in the Osborne area this Spring (launch is TBA). Be sure to check them out!

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  • Neighbourhood honey which is produced in urban settings has subtle fruity and floral notes and both the flavour and colour changes throughout the season as the dominant type of flower changes.
  • Natural raw honey will crystallize over time and if you prefer your honey to be softer or liquid in consistency, simply warm your honey to the desired consistency. You can also enjoy it in the solid form with all its flavour and health benefits fully intact.
  • If stored appropriately (with the lid on and only clean cutlery used in the jars), it should last forever!
  • Honey is great to include in hot beverages like tea or coffee, on fresh baking or paired with soft/ fresh cheeses. Raw honey easily replaces refined sugar in many recipes.

Craving some honey yet? I have the perfect solution. Share this blog post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag both @BeeProjectCa and @DowntownWpgBIZ. You will receive one free jar of Beeproject’s Neighbourhood Honey (produced on the rooftop of Manitoba Hydro Place) while supplies last!

See you downtown,


Something’s Happening on Graham

Graham’s a street that sometimes gets overlooked – it’s not as prominent as Portage, not as big and full of food trucks as Broadway, and because a lot of it is designed for transit and bikes, not that many of us drive down it every day. But over the last little while, I’ve seen it changing piece by piece around Kennedy – and it’s gradually transforming into one of my favourite little blocks downtown! If you’ve never explored it, go check it out on your lunch hour – it’s worth checking out these spots that are new to the block.

Seeing the downtown grow doesn’t always mean massive exciting skyscrapers – although I love seeing those go up too! It’s the building of these little intimate neighbourhoods too, places that draw people to walk around that make the sidewalks fill up with people, and I think their successes are worth celebrating.


There are murals tucked in between the buildings, including a cute mural tucked away beside Second Cup with adorable helicopter bees (I really don’t know what else to call them). It’s also the street when the incomparable Kal Barteski installed her Love Every Body interactive artwork – I went down to take a selfie, and you should too!

There’s an amazing farmers market:

The Downtown Farmers’ Market started here last year. The plaza behind Manitoba Hydro Places is already a great place to sit for lunch when it’s sunny, but when the Thursday market comes out, it’s packed with people like looking for an excuse to leave the office for lunch and buy fresh-baked cookies!

Constantly changing menus at Sana SoupHouse:

They’ve been there less than a year and already I’m not sure what I’d do without their soup of the day list when it’s a rainy day and I need a cozy lunch. Plus, how many places in the city actually have soups like Chilled Strawberry, West African Peanut, and Pumpkin Apple Spice?

Rare finds at Bison Books:

This used & rare book shop relocated here a few years ago, and I never get tired of visiting it to see what literary oddities they’ve dug up. My favourite recent find, courtesy of their Facebook page: Elvis’ Favourite Recipes.

A new shop has popped up:

Pop-up events and pop-ups shops are all over the downtown this year, and I can’t get enough of it! The latest – Chook, at the corner of Graham & Vaughn, which has clothing, skateboards, and comes complete with a skateboard ramp inside! It wasn’t open when I was there, so I shamelessly peered in the windows to take pics.


The Urban Bakery is back home on Graham:

After nearly 10 years on Portage Ave, the Urban Bakery renovated a space on Graham and added a ton of creative touches, from a shoe wall to a handcrafted wood slab checkout counter, to an entrance that leads off the back alley!

It’s coffee heaven:
Alright, these aren’t new, but they’re essential! There are no fewer than 3 coffee places within this block: Starbucks, Second Cup, and the independent coffee house Twist Cafe. Second best of all, they all come with patio areas to sit and sip in the sun. Best of all – the Second Cup names their plants.

Graham Ave Second Cup


Worst Winter Ever? I’m not so sure

It apparently became official over the weekend – we had the snowiest, coldest, winter in this city since 1898. (I know, I’m sure we’re all shocked.)

But I’m seeing lots of headlines that are translating snowiest/coldest to ‘worst.’ And I’m not so sure about that. As hard as it was, to me this winter was also…actually kind of awesome.

I’ve written about this before, but I think this year was the year we really started OWNING winter. Didn’t matter if it was cold and windy outside, we were going to create amazing things to do and start celebrating the fact that yes, we live in a winter city!

So despite the snow, and the cold, I think this will still go down in my memory as one of my favourite winters ever. Remember this good stuff?

1) The restaurant on the river came back and was a HUGE hit.

2) The Jets hit the ice of the Red River and practiced outdoors for Winnipeggers to watch.

3) JUNO awards just came through town and brought a whole week of extra musical events, from awards night to Junofest

4) Extra-whimsical warming huts this year, IMHO.

5) A snow maze built for and by kids

6) Hundreds of cyclists from around the world came to town to bike our streets and talk about winter cycling ideas

7) Painted pianos appeared

8) The revolving restaurant spins again as Prairie 360

and I’m sure there’s lots more I’ve missed out on seeing myself.

So a cold winter? Yes. And I hope Mother Nature gives us a break next year as much as anyone. But based on this year, no matter what we get thrown at us we can make the most of it.

Hockey time!

Who’s still jazzed about the AHMAZING comeback the women’s hockey team made at the Olympics yesterday? I’ve watch gifs of the winning shots and the goalpost bounce 10 times this morning already.

Luckily, excitement is SO far from over. The men’s Olympic semifinal is starting right away – Canada vs the US.


UPDATE – we’re in the gold medal game! And you’ve probably heard by now, there are bars opening at 5AM on Sunday to air the game! Here are the places downtown I’ve found so far – if you know more, add in the comments!

Shark Club: Big TVs, and lots of them.

After the Olympics game, you can see our very own Jets hitting the ice – but a very different kind of ice than they’re used to. They’re hosting a practice on the river at the Forks! From 1:30 – 2:30, the team and all the regular coaching staff will be running their practice on the trail, free and open to the public to watch! Yes, this is going to be popular. So the Forks has been good enough to draw up a little map of where they think the best spots to watch are going to be:

Jet Practice

1:30pm – 2:30pm. Practice is FREE and open to the public. The Jets along with the full coaching staff will skate for approximately one hour as they prepare for the final stretch of the regular season.

A totally unscientific poll on the Portage & Main crossing

Behold – the beginning of the Portage & Main underground concourse, and a looong debate.


The idea of Portage & Main being reopened to the public seems to resurface every few years to me – but over the last few days/weeks it seems like the discussion’s gotten bigger than ever, because in just a few years there might be an option to take down the barriers. Result: this news article, this one, and these ones too, plus a whole lot of debate in the comments and on twitter.

I’ve heard pros and cons, and if I were going to cast my vote, I’m all on board with opening it! I admit, when it gets chilly walking in the winter I’m the first to scurry to the walkways and underground – but in the long run walking with people next to on the street is SO much more inviting! Having all the pedestrian traffic at Portage & Main underground makes it basically invisible – and a corner with no people on it is a whole lot less appealing to walk down.

The second part of the debate has been what kind of crossing to create, if it were to open up. And that’s the very unscientific poll I want to take – should it be:

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So, what’s your vote?

Outdoor dance cardio. On skates!

Hit the lights, add the music - there's a dance party happening here tomorrow!
Hit the lights, add the music – there’s a dance party happening here tomorrow!

As promised, I’m on the hunt for to find out what’s awesome about all the workout and healthy eating options downtown for those of us who are working on living healthier this year as a resolution! First up was a look at Goodlife Downtown, now – outdoor cardio!


What: The Forks Arctic Glacier Winter Park & The River Trail
Where: The Forks
What’s awesome about it: Three words: Outdoor dance cardio. On skates. Ok, that’s really five words. Tomorrow, plus Jan 13th, 20th, and 25th, there’s an event at the Forks called Soul On Ice –  where DJ Hunnicut and DJ Co-op set up at the Canopy Skating Rink and transform it into a dance floor on ice! Fun, fitness-resolution helping, and something only downtown Winnipeg could have 🙂

If you can’t wait till tomorrow with that beautiful sun shining, there’s tons to do already to get active: Distance skating on the river trail, skating under the canopy, pick-up hockey next to the Scotiabank stage, snowboarding in the park, tobogganing down the hill (yes, I think walking up the hill dragging your sled gets you fitness points! 🙂 ), and I’ve seen cross-country skiiers taking to the trails as well!

Next up – Getting in some “Oms” with yoga!

On resolutions…

Ah, New Year’s resolutions – they give you a great feeling of starting fresh, and having a whole new year ahead of you. And you do! But I think we all know how easy it is to fall of the wagon with them – especially when they’re resolutions to exercise and eat healthy! So I’m starting a mini-project this month to discover what’s fun and or/delicious about healthy living and healthy eating downtown to help all my friends, and myself, keep up with our resolutions! I’m going to try out the gyms and the healthier dishes on restaurant menus, and share everything I find with you all! And if you’ve got places you want me to visit, just let me know!
OK, first up – I’m starting with fitness!

What: Goodlife Downtown
Where: 7th floor, 201 Portage
What’s awesome about it: Funnily enough, the “where” is also the “what’s awesome” here. And I don’t just mean that the Portage & Main location is super-convenient for a lunchtime run. It’s the fact that it’s the whole 7th floor of the 201 Portage building – that means it’s got a fantastic view, and they work it! The spin class has big floor to ceiling windows along the side that give an amazing views to help keep you feeling good when your legs start to feel like they’re going to fall off. The room for their classes is the same – think doing yoga or cardio gazing over the rooftops of downtown. But the treadmills are the best of all – they’re all arranged right up against the windows that overlook Portage & Main. Running in the sky? Yes please! Makes it MUCH easier to keep on going back.

Next up – I’m going to try some outdoor cardio! 🙂