180 King St. 204-943-2627,
An exotic cultural experience with authentic Chinese shops and restaurants. Gaze at the Chinese architecture of the Dynasty Building and relax in the Chinese Garden. Winnipeg Chinese Cultural & Community Centre.

Circle of Life Thunderbird House
Corner of Main St. and Higgins Ave. 204-940-4240,
Manitoba’s first Aboriginal spiritual and cultural centre.

Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge
One of Winnipeg’s newest landmarks, this stunning pedestrian bridge links The Forks and St. Boniface over the Red River. While enjoying the spectacular view, you can also grab a bite to eat right on the bridge.

Exchange District National Historic Site
The original centre of commerce and culture in Winnipeg, with 30-blocks of early 20th century architecture.

Manitoba Legislative Building
450 Broadway, 204-945-5813
Reputedly one of the finest public buildings in North America, the “Ledge” is home to Manitoba’s provincial government. The Golden Boy, one of Manitoba’s best known icons, proudly tops the building. Guided and self-guided tours available.

Visitor Information Centre
The Forks, 204-927-7838
The Visitor Information Centre at Travel Manitoba features interactive technology that will let you experience some of Manitoba’s most iconic tourist destinations.

The Forks National Historic Site
This green oasis at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine rivers has been a meeting place for more than 6,000 years. Today it hosts interpretive displays, a riverside walkway, a world class skate plaza and a wide range of events for the whole family. The Forks Market offers a wide selection of gifts and handicrafts as well as bakery, butcher and wine shop. Nearby Johnston Terminal houses restaurants and unique stores selling global finds and antiques.

The Forks Market
A Manitoba landmark and popular tourist destination. This former stable is home to shops selling handmade jewellery, clothing, crafts, fresh produce, baked goods and meat. Enjoy international dining.

The Johnston Terminal at The Forks
Originally a railway warehouse, this beautifully restored building features specialty shops and restaurants.

Union Station
Winnipeg’s majestic VIA Rail station was built in 1911 by the same architects that built Grand Central Station in New York City. 123 Main St.

Upper Fort Garry Gate
The last remaining gate of Upper Fort Garry, built in 1830 by the Hudson’s Bay Company. South of Broadway at Main St.


100 Arthur Street, 204-925-3457
Indie movies and art films.

Towne Cinema
301 Notre Dame Avenue, 204-947-2848
Shows Hollywood blockbusters and new releases.

Museums and Galleries

Aboriginal Centre of Winnipeg
181 Higgens Ave, 204-989-6395
Gathering place and community resource for Winnipeg’s aboriginal community. Includes a restaurants and art gallery. Located in CP Rail building.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights
85 Israel Asper Way, 204-289-2000
The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first museum solely dedicated to the celebration, evolution and future of human rights. Get engaged in an immersive and interactive experience and learn about our history with human rights and discover tools to make the lives of others better.

Dalnavert Museum
61 Carlton St. 204-943-2835,
Beautifully restored Victorian home of Hugh John Macdonald, son of Canada’s first prime minister, preserves the Queen Anne Revival-style architecture, circa 1895.

The Manitoba Children’s Museum
45 Forks Market Road. 204-924-4000,
Located in a historic locomotive repair shop, the Museum features six hands- on galleries for families to explore. To Sept 6: Attack of the Bloodsuckers. Programs run all summer long.

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library
1B-183 Kennedy St. 204-487-6117,
A gallery dedicated to the study, preservation and understanding of handcrafts.

The Manitoba Museum
190 Rupert Ave. 204-956-2830,
Eight galleries explore Manitoba’s history and environment through a buffalo hunt, towering dinosaurs, and a life-sized 17th century ship.

190 Rupert Ave. 204-956-2830
Unlock the mysteries of the universe with multi-media shows.

Science Gallery
190 Rupert Ave. 204-956-2830
Explore the world of science with hands-on exhibits like solving a murder using forensics, creating a Lego stop-action movie or learning how rivers work.

Naval Museum of Manitoba
1 Navy Way, at Assiniboine Ave. 204-943-7745,
Displays preserving and honouring Manitoba’s role in Canada’s naval heritage. Onboard HMCS CHIPPAWA.

Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art
460 Portage Ave. 204-942-1043, 
Locating to a new home in downtown, this gallery features the work of prairie and Manitoba artists through exhibits, shows and online work that uses innovation and research.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery
300 Memorial Blvd. 204-786-6641,
One of Winnipeg’s architectural showpieces, the WAG features eight galleries of changing exhibitions by contemporary and historical Manitoban, Canadian & international artists. Houses the largest collection of contemporary Inuit art in the world.

Ukrainian Cultural & Educational Centre (Oseredok)
184 Alexander Ave E. 204-942-0218,
Museum and art gallery featuring Ukrainian folk arts and crafts, plus an authentic boutique and library.

Winnipeg Railway Museum
VIA Rail Station, 123 Main St. 204-942-4632,
View the first steam locomotive on the Canadian prairies.

Recreational Activities

Assiniboine Riverwalk
One of the best ways to enjoy downtown is along this 1km stretch. Put on your sneakers or hop on your bike and watch the river flow by. Along Assiniboine Ave from The Forks to the Manitoba Legislature.

Downtown Parks
Take advantage of downtown’s many parks, either nestled in an urban setting or bordering the Red and Assiniboine rivers.



  • Fishing: Travel Manitoba, 204-945-3777
  • Boating & water sports: for river conditions, call the River Patrol, 204-986-8504
  • Cycling, rollerblading, walking & jogging
  • Tennis: McFadyen Playground tennis courts
  • Curling: Grain Exchange Curling Club, 75 Fort St.


Muddy Water Tours
Call to book: 204-997-TOUR (8687).
May 15-Oct 15 Discover the intriguing history of Downtown Winnipeg on these walking tours. Thurs-Fri:The Boom & Bust of Winnipeg: the rise and fall of the “Chicago of the North” from 1874- 1915. Wed & Fri. Murder, Mystery & Mayhem: tales of murders, ghosts and executions. Wed & Fri. Pestilence, Shamans and Doctors: sacred medicines of First Nations people, the legacy of the Grey Nuns and diseases that plagued early Manitobans.

Downtown Tours
Year-round Learn more about downtown with a personal tour from the experts: Downtown Watch Ambassadors. Safety tours also available.

Exchange District Walking Tours
June 1-Sept 6 Discover this national historic site, just north of Canada’s renowned corner of Portage and Main. Mon-Sat, 10am, noon & 2pm.

Splash Dash Water Tour
May-Sept (depending on river conditions) See Winnipeg from a whole new view while enjoying the weather. Docks on Red and Assiniboine rivers.

Parks Canada Tours of The Forks National Historic Site
May 19-Sept 10 Beaver Tales and River Trails. Bilingual tour with costumed characters trace the 6,000- year transformation of the Forks and Winnipeg.

Heartland International Travel and Tours
Choose from a variety of tour options from a Magical Musical History Tour to Churchill Polar Bear Day Tour.

Hermetic Code Tours
Jun 15-Aug 31 Do you ever wonder why the Manitoba Legislative Building has sphinxes on it? Have you wanted to learn about the symbols and hidden meanings behind the mystical architecture of the building? Join Frank Albo, researcher, academic inspiration behind The Hermetic Code for an evening of decoding the famous symbols and architecture that makes the building truly unique.

25 thoughts on “Attractions

  1. there is truely nothing new for a life time winnipeger to do in this city we need a indoor waterpark / theme park id bet this city wouldnt be such a shitty place to live after

    1. I’m sorry to hear you say that, and I respectfully disagree. While we may not be building a new museum every week, the ones that are there are constantly changing and adapting, bringing new and fantastic things for Winnipeggers to enjoy. The Manitoba Museum currently has an amazing light display, the WAG has so much going on, I don’t even know where to begin, and the Children’s Museum is going through a renovation as we speak.

      1. Tomorrow morning/midday looks inieresttng…With disturbance tracking ESE from the western prairies thru N Dakota, warm front will set up just south of international border. 40 kt LLJ cranks up and will intersect strong baroclinic zone at 850 hPa over S Manitoba. Moisture return will be key … GFS delays the return of 10 C 850 hPa dewpoints until after the LLJ has shifted east of RRV. This has caused the QPF bullseye to shift a bit to the NE mid morning Sunday.By that time there may also be better interaction with right exit region from upper jet over the Interlake and Bisset areas. I think an area of elevated showers and possible tshowers as Rob mentioned will form over SE Saskatchewan/ SW Manitoba and expand in coverage by mid morning over interlake and SE Manitoba as the better moisture gets tapped. If moisture return gets better organized sooner, expect Winnipeg and RRV to get in on the higher QPF tomorrow morning. Models are aggressive in clearing us out by afternoon. Incoming solar will fight against cold advection to hopefully give us decent temps as Rob suggested.Btw…could be an outbreak of strong surface based convection over WC Minnesota along cold front and warm sector tomorrow afternoon. CAPE may trend a bit higher again depending on moisture return. Shear looks quite good with LLJ and upper jet core.

      2. That line of storms from North Dakota daterioreted too much to be severe, although they could see put on a good lightning show!We had a reasonable thunderstorm pass through here too, some good lightning, but no hail, strong winds, or tornadoes (obviously). Dewpoint is between 10 and 12 degrees, which is good for storms tomorrow. Unfortunately Winnipeg looks to be on the wrong side of the system for any action tomorrow. High of 15 there, compared with 21 here. I wouldn’t rule out thunderstorms all together, but severe ones look unlikely. Steinbach on the other hand is still forecast to have SBCAPE of 1000 to 1500J/kg by evening (as of the latest run). Shear and helicity are reasonable, so some severe storms could easily form. EC has Steinbach with chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, and so do I. I would suspect with this nice moisture boost and daytime heating some severe storms are possible. I will continue to monitor the situation closely…That Tornado Watch in the ND Red River Valley came as a bit of a surprise to me. It turns out there was only one or two severe cells that actually formed in the valley, and one tornado report in the far South. Personally I don’t think any watch was necessary, but then again I have been wrong before (I guess NWS erred on the side of caution with their first Tornado Watch)

  2. You make Winnipeg sound so lame – which it is. Why are they are building a huge new airport – who’s coming? All of our “attractions” haven’t been updated since the ’60’s. Sorry to say, but now wonder everyone goes to Minneapolis.

    1. Sorry to hear that you think that, and I have to disagree. Sites like the Forks are constantly changing and adding attractions like the skate park (5 years old), we’ve got an amazing collection of art galleries including the new location for the PlugIn Gallery, the Children’s Museum just reopened a few weeks ago after a major redesign, the CMHR is going up, the MTS Exhibition Hall just opened last year. I’d love to see more go up, of course – but there’s a lot to do in the city and around downtown right now if you head out and explore.

      1. JeÅ›li ta pozycja w XTB a tam Pan gra jak Pan pisaÅ‚ wiele razy to wczoraj miml›Åiey cenÄ™ 2433 – bid, ale ask byÅ‚o 2435 wiÄ™c jak Pan postawiÅ‚ sl na 2435 to zamyka Panu po ask mimo to, że na wykresie max jest 2433. W sumie to nie rozumiem Pana dlaczego Pan gra na Fw20 przez brokera a nie przez normalny DM?

    2. Edit: that should left exit riegon of upper jet…Also worth mentioning how low our dewpoints are currently. We really lucked out on the timing of this high… had it moved in a bit sooner, we’d be dealing with a hard freeze with -7 C dewpoints and 850 hPa temps just above freezing. Btw, Geralton ON (under the upper low/cold pool) is overcast and 3 C this afternoon… unbelievable for nearly June.

    3. Thanks for hosting. I want to coeplimmnt your blog. It is so beautifully layed out. I like how your etsy link goes straight to your store. I need to figure out how to do that on my blog. I’m also trying to learn how to setup a “Grab my button” link. I have my work cut out for me.Yoli

  3. Downtown isn’t the safest place to be exploring. Plus your skate park isn’t an attraction its a recreational activity that is going to only attract a small cummunity. I find that is the same with most things in winnipeg. I’ve only lived in a few cities and this is by far the sketchyist. I’ve lived in Ft. Mcmurray where everyone raves the crime is through the roof but it is nowhere near here. How can you love a city like that?

  4. @Kyle and Anonymous,

    Why all the negativity? I live in Toronto and I’ve been following the news in Winnipeg, and from what I see, it’s a very different city to even just 10 years ago. Winnipeg is not the boring city I left in 1985 that’s for sure!

    1. Large convective cmolpex giving copious rain to NW Ontario between Kenora and Dryden. Amazing to me how often LLJ and moisture return get better organized just east (and south) of the RRV. I suspect there may be some kind forcing mechanism which favors the extension/enhancement of the LLJ into SE Manitoba and NW Ontario. The persistent NW flow will not exactly be conducive to moisture return either this next week.

  5. Winnipeg is boring and so dull especially downtown, north end and main st. 😦 I’ve been here since 2000 and im waiting for the perfect chance to move out of here

    1. I think I only follow one chef on Twitter. But I don't unedtsrand why he hasn't has his account terminated like other imposters. Feel a bit sorry for the real Heston…

    1. Nicole Owens – Jake and Jess,The pictures of Jeremy and Claudette that you have pstoed on this blog site are incredible, especially the last one. It looks like it was taken from a still from a movie! Being able to spend the day with Jeremy and Claudette was incredible, and the two of you made it even better. I can see why you are in such high demand, you are artists’and the gifts you give the bride and groom are priceless.

  6. Some of us ‘lifers’ – who have been here in the ‘peg a long time – know what we like to do and don’t whine about a list of things that aren’t here… I can’t say why the mood is so negative in comments above, except maybe the fall/winter blahs??? Get over it.

    Winnipeggers are typically good at making the best of anything, except these folks, I guess. I am currently seeking things to do when my in-laws and nephews come to town, and I have a long list of possibilities, and almost none of them are in the ‘scary’ downtown area.

  7. If you’re bored, you’re boring!
    Wow, good tips on this website 🙂 I’ve lived in Winnipeg my whole life and still exploring.
    Alot of this stuff was new to me. Stuff is always happening, Keep us posted!

  8. I can`t believe what I`m hearing from some of these people….there is sooooo much to do in Winnipeg….we have tones of beautiful parks to visit in the summer, the zoo, the Lyric t<Theatre at Assiniboine parc has live shows during the summer for all tastes, they have free ballet in the parc, movie nights for kids FOR FREE…in the winter you can skate on the duck pond in St.Vital parc or go on the man made slides….snow shoeing at Fort Whyte Center for cheap, with exhibits to see while you`re there….IMAX theatre for those cold nights….the Planetarium, the WAG, Winnipeg Symphony, and huge names come to the MTS Center all year long to perform….Octoberfest, Car Shows, New Years Eve bashes and much more at the Convention Center… the Jets aren`t playing this year….but there is sooooo much more I haven`t even mentionned….come out from under your rocks people and see the real Winnipeg…..

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