The results are in: downtown’s best burger bets (but really, try them all)

As everyone knows, the best way to enjoy Le Burger Week is to grab a partner or a pack of hungry friends, and take on a tour de force of the many satiating options, splitting beef patties, drinks and sides as you go.

With tons of my downtown favourites pounding the patties for another year, I’ve listed some of my top urban choices to help you plan your final Burger Week fiesta (wrapping up Friday). Someone’s gotta do the heavy lifting.

  1. Three-way tie at The Forks (1 Forks Market Road)

What’s so great about dining at The Forks year-round is your indecisive or dietary-restricted friends will always be able to find something (and you can still eat whatever you want).

For Le Burger Week, it’s best to find someone with an open palate to share any of the contenders onsite.

Kyu Grill’s Lamburghini Mercy is a lamb and angus beef patty topped with beet cream cheese and other healthy accoutrements, masquerading under a delicious pretzel bun topped with a breaded jalapeno popper.

Nuburger’s Obi-Wan Perogi’s sautéed onions, crispy potato thins and candied bacon finished with a herb sour cream tastes so deliciously familiar, you’ll be compelled to call your Baba.

Passero + Corto breaks through the all-American genre by offering a sophisticated house Italian sausage burger smothered with fresh roasted tomato and parmesan sauce on a sourdough ciabatta bun.

  1. The Boiler Maker (Rudy’s Eat & Drink, 375 Graham Avenue)

Never one to disappoint with its presentation, Rudy’s top-tier, house-ground wagyu beef patty smothered with whiskey bacon, fig jam, truffle dressing and beer mustard aioli is finished with a cheese frico (cheese chip) and Rudy’s flag.

  1. Umami, (The Merchant Kitchen, 314 Donald Street)

Leave it to this unique Latin- and Asian- street food inspired kitchen to remind us about that fifth, filling flavour: umami. Let the Korean-fried beef burger with kimchi, pickled red onion and house Kewpie mayo remind you of that trip you never took to South Korea.

  1. The Village Drunk, (Tipsy Cow, 285 Portage Avenue)

A reliable downtown burger spot on any given day, The Village Drunk takes things to another level at this tried-and-true. Dive into a hearty 6-oz. beef chuck patty topped with Torque IPA and chorizo chilli, bourbon apple sour cream, Bothwell gouda and some lettuce and tomato for good measure (remember vegetables?).

  1. The Gretchen Wieners, (Carbone, 260 St. Mary Avenue)

Even though the Mean Girls character never quite made “fetch” happen (shout out to everyone who went to the Movies on Memorial showing!), this Gretchen Wieners is totally happening with its lean turkey patty, smashed avocado, charred pineapple, beet relish and sriracha aioli, garnished with an Italian wiener atop a buttery brioche bun.

Enjoy friends!

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