Excitement is still popping up for the rest of the summer!

While the summer is winding down (eek!), as usual, I still have some tricks up my sleeve to milk the rest of these balmy days.

Not only are the pop-up parks at Kennedy and Graham and Hargrave and Portage amazing spaces to take your packed lunch, they come alive at the noon hour on a rotating basis just for the downtown business crowd.

Most weekdays for the rest of August, you can find a 30-minute bootcamp (hosted by the lovely Snap Fitness) or ambient music from local entertainers crooning you through your work break at either location.

Find Phil Natividad’s swoon-worthy tunes strummed on the ukulele Wednesday, August 29 at Hargrave and Portage, and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Brodovsky on Thursday, August 30 at Kennedy and Graham. And – hit the pavement to break a sweat with your colleagues on Tuesday, August 28 and Thursday, August 30 at Hargrave and Portage.

Mondays are for easing in to the week, so kick back with Andy Western’s music at the noon hour at the Kennedy and Graham pop-up August 27.

To cap off the week, join the very last Downtown Winnipeg Night market at Kennedy and Graham, and shop your heart out among the lineup of amazing vendors.

This whole summer, I’ve been capitalizing on the free workouts at Memorial, Upper Fort Garry and Millennium Parks (on until August’s end), and buying my fresh produce and preserves at the farmers’ markets every Thursday at Manitoba Hydro Place (on through to September’s end).

It seems like there’s a surprise at every turn as I make my way through the paved streets this summer – including the amazing lightshow and alley transformation behind Mountain Equipment Co-op (the first time I saw the colours change, I thought I was losing it!). This light installation has colourful beams that change colour depending on time of day – so you’ll want to see this once or twice for full effect!

Even better, all of these pop-ups were available to be booked for events and sometimes even qualified for the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ’s Host It Downtown funds, so I’ve managed to witness grad parties, a plant workshop and bowling matches occur at these awesome landmarks, to name a few.

Another handy happenstance has been the pop-up toilet initiative, trailblazed by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, BridgmanCollaborative Architecture and partner Siloam Mission.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go, and I’ve been fortunate to stumble on this top-notch facility at an opportune moment! Find it at the southeast corner of Graham and Hargrave until September 17.

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