UnCommon Pours V02 | Presented by The Common at The Forks Market


“Eat what you like and drink what you like and you will be happy.” – Veronique Rivest. These words rang especially true through the Commons yesterday. Everyone who came to enjoy the Common’s new summer wine list was especially impressed with the presentation and experience.

We were first served Vaporetto Prosecco from Italy which was a simple and pleasing wine, but it had more depth than the average, with hints of citrus, apple, and floral elements.  This wine was served with delicious Provenzal Fries provided by Empanadas & Co. by Simon’s cuisine.

Next, we were served a Jamaican Beef Patty provided by Bindy’s Carribean Delight with False Bay Rose from South Africa. Veronique explained that this wine paired well with fried or saltier foods, which was definitely the case. The wine broke up the thickness of the Beef Patty, and was more refreshing than tangy.


Just when I thought my taste buds could not get any happier, they brought out the Tomato Citrus Salad from corto. Fresh tomatoes served with cream cheese and lots of flavour tasted exquisite, especially when combined with the Yealands Sauvignon Blanc wine from New Zealand.

Lastly, we were able to try a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon originating from Chile. Paired with a Blueberry Yum Yum mini burger from Nuburger. The Cabernet Sauvignon gave off hints of black cherries along with earthiness going well with blueberry jam and thick cream cheese presented in the burger. A rich taste was definitely required!

Veronique’s approach was very kind and laid back, but the event at the Forks was lavish. Her taste towards wine was casual and delightful! Her choices in the win that we drank at The Common reflected that. I encourage you to join the next Uncommon Pours Tour!



One thought on “UnCommon Pours V02 | Presented by The Common at The Forks Market

  1. I hope all the food stand/restaurants do not offer plastic straws and will look to alternatives to replace plastic cutlery and styrofoam plates etc. Lovely new atmosphere and different food offering are such a great change. We need to move forward on being environmently friendly.
    Thank You

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