Thank you Folk Fest!

IMG_5542Four days in the woods, 100s of talented musicians, and over 500 pounds of butter chicken and Whale Tails consumed—those Folk Fest-ers really know how to have a good time!

I am happy, or rather #folkfesthappy, to say I enjoyed my first year at the Winnipeg Folk Festival! I know that Winnipeggers—and Manitobans—are known for their friendliness, but the people at Folk Fest take it to a whole new level. I was overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers (who very quickly became friends) whether it was dancing at the Main Stage, relaxing under the trees listening to performers at Shady Grove, sipping cold cider in the beer tent, or sitting cross-legged in the grass eating food on those lovely orange re-useable plates. It was just a positive place for folks of all ages.


I loved seeing so many of my favourite artists perform live in the cool and relaxed outdoor setting. Thursday night’s Coeur de Pirate was fantastic; Friday’s Ryan Adams was a dream; Saturday I stripped off my shoes and danced in the mud all night to the Head and the Heart; and Sunday I soaked in the main stage sun and loved listening to the soothing sounds of Lord Huron.

I could talk for hours about the music—but I’ll just say one of my favourite workshops was Sunday’s one with all Manitoba performers! The sun was hot, but man oh man the music was good—there were even a few performers like William Prince (amazing!) who I happened to see last week in Air Canada Park at the Downtown Concert Series. If you haven’t heard him sing, get on it already.

And last but not least—the food! Just delicious. There were some of my favourite downtown dishes there like East India Company’s Navratan Korma, Better than Baba’s perogies, and KYU Grill’s Heroshima sandwiches, and some new-to-me favs like cinnamon sugar Whale Tails, I’m not proud (but I’m a little proud) of how many I ate this weekend.

So Winnipeg Folk Festival, your reputation was amazing and you more than lived up to it! I’m keen get back to business in my beloved Downtown Winnipeg—hair washed, heels on—but I have a feeling I’ll be back in Birds Hill Park in 2017.


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