Downtown: Cooler than you think!

The great folks at WinnipegPass have started a new social media call-to-action: that Winnipeg is #coolerthanyouthink, especially during the winter.  While some folks religiously bundle up by the fire, a new segment of Winnipeggers are beginning to venture outdoors to take part in unique activities throughout our snowy, wintry wonderland.


From all parts of the city, rosy-cheeked skaters and bundled-up Winnipeggers are making their way to The Forks, a downtown destination that typically comes alive in the summer time but whose tourism numbers now are increasing during the winter season. Right on the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, people have been finding off-beat ways to celebrate our annual deep freeze, showcasing a cheerful, can-do nature despite even the harshest of climates. Something great is beginning to take shape in our City and I have tickets to three of my favourite winter experiences thanks to The Forks, The Great Ice Show, and Downtown Winnipeg BIZ!


Haute Hot Huts

HHH - Poster Fini - 11x17

Since its inception in 2010, the Warming Huts initiative has received world-wide acclaim. A national design competition, Warming Huts invites architects, artists, and design enthusiasts to create huts that serve as a place for warmth but also raises awareness about design excellence in our City. Throat singer and artist, Tanya Tagaq, created four storytelling shelters built of snow, in partnership with Sputnik Architecture – they are my favourite huts this this year! On January 29, meet the architects and artists behind the Warming Huts at Haute Hot Hut at The Forks. There will be musical performances by The Middle Coast, Hay Fever, Mama Cutsworth, and The Solutions. Snap a picture of your favourite warming hut(s) with the hashtags #MeetMeAtTheForks and #finditdowntown on Twitter or Facebook, and I’ll enter you for a chance to win a pair of tickets to this event!

2016-01-05 Tagaq Renderings



Ice, Ice, Baby!

Spectacular snow and ice sculptures of life-size dinosaurs and a replica of Manitoba’s Legislative Building have made their way to The Forks. Ride bumper cars on ice, slide down a huge toboggan slope, or participate in ice sculpting workshops and more. Very important PSA: there’s an ice bar. Tickets: $25 (adults) and $15 (children, 1-17). Free for children 12 months and under. Comment below on what ice sculpture you’re most excited to see for a chance to win two tickets.



A restaurant popped up on the river and changed our thinking about our city

Inspired by Winnipeggers’ resilience and civic pride, Mandel Hitzer of Deer + Almond and Joe Kalturnyk of former RAW Gallery, staged the first restaurant above water years ago. Over 1,000 annual guests have braved the elements to dine in a tent of inspired design, complete with tree-stumps covered with faux-fur for seating, and repurposed wooden tables. This pop-up initiative has engaged the community to think in new ways about how space can be used and enjoyed. This year, the pop-up sold out in mere hours. Lucky for you, I have two tickets for Feb. 1 at 9 p.m. Comment below with why you should win these tickets, and I’ll draw the name of a lucky winner on Jan. 29!


There are so many more reasons to enjoy the winter this year. Stay tuned for more posts about them! In the meantime, catch me if you can … I’ll be skating on the river trail. BRB.

56 thoughts on “Downtown: Cooler than you think!

  1. I would love to win the raw almond tickets! It sounds like such a unique Winnipeg experience that would make my usual dreary winter way more bright!

    1. There are walk up brunches available! Bernstein’s deli is this coming weekend, and then the following 2 weekends is food served from The Tallest Poppy. If you can’t get in for dinner, I definitely recommend getting in for a brunch.

  2. I need to go to the great ice show! It looks snowwww amazing! 😉 Would love to see the Manitoba Legislative Building ice replica and of course check out the ice bar!!!!

  3. I would love to win tickets to the ice show ….. there is not one sculpture that wows me more than the other – They are all pretty amazing by the looks of things . Thanks for the chance .

  4. I would love to win tickets for the Ice Show and can’t wait to see the replica of Manitoba’s Legislative Building and the ice bar!

  5. I would love to win tickets for the Raw Almond tickets, as it sounds like a cool experience and could use a break from studying!

  6. I would love a chance to win tickets to Raw: Almond as food is one of my favourite things ever (seriously, I’m obsessed). Trying new foods and places is one of my hobbies you could say, and I was disappointed when I missed the chance to get tickets this year! Thanks for the information and the contest! 🙂

  7. The ice show sounds like such a great experience for people of all ages, I would love to win tickets! I could always use another reason to enjoy winter as they’re usually tough for me to deal with due to the lack of sunshine!

    1. Forgot to add that I think the dinosaur sculptures would be really neat to see, and of course couldn’t miss going to the ice bar!

  8. I would absolutely love to win tickets to the great ice show and take my granddaugter who is in her first year at RRCC and we have been going to the Forks since she was a baby. I think it looks totally awesome and I have been patiently waiting for months. Thanks for the opportunity to win tickets.

  9. My family and I would LOVE to see the Great Ice Show! We love to take our daughter and son tabogganing and for hot chocolate (and mini donuts, of course) at the forks all the time and the ice show would be a great addition to our next visit!

  10. I LOVE that Winnipeg is embracing winter! My birthday is February 14 which has several obstacles for my husband – a bday gift, a bday gift, all restaurants have HUGE markup, and it’s always freezing cold!! We would love to park take in raw:almond and experience the great food, people and warmth of winnipeg for my birthday and Valentine’s Day- because he deserves the whole world too!

  11. I would love to win two tickets to Raw: Almond because it sounds like such a unique, inventive experience. Plus it’d be a great thing to surprise my boyfriend with!

  12. I grew up here and love all things Winnipeg! I skate and ski all winter long and would love to add dinner on the frozen river to my winter activities.

    Melanie Bernadsky

  13. I would Love this Opportunity to win tickets to the Ice Show as I Love Winnipeg and It’s Original Events! This would be an Amazing Event and thank you So Much for this chance to win!

  14. I would love for a chance to experience this Unique Winnipeg Winter event! What a Great city we live in with all kinds of activities to enjoy! Winter won’t stop Us from having a good time! Cheers!
    Karen Gladu

  15. It would make my winter to win tickets to Raw:Almond. I moved from a summery country and spent last winter alone and indoors. This time around I’m trying to change my perception of the cold from mere endurance to love. I’ve been learning to skate since September in preparation! I was so disappointed when the tickets for Raw:Almond sold out, as it’s such a unique and brilliant way of making winter into a celebration.

  16. I would love to be so lucky to go to RAW Almond! I love winter and food. Seems like a great combo (and I can never get tickets!)

  17. Seeing as Feb 14th is Valentine’s Day and that weekend is also Singles Awareness Day I would love to win and it would give me a reason to ask someone on a date!! Wonderful time for a Winnipeg Winter festivity.

  18. Winning tix to Raw Almond would make up for disappointment of seeing the “sold-out” message when I tried to buy tix online. And, as a bonus, I could tell friends from afar (who disparagingly call us Winterpeg) what a cool experience they are missing. Fingers crossed!

  19. I actually know people from Harbin, China, so would love to see the work of the ice sculptors from that city. The “Leg” in ice sounds cool, pun intended.

  20. I would really love to surprise my wife with a night out at RAW: Almond. We have a seven month old at home and this would be a great night out for her… as long as the parents babysit ;). Please pick us.

  21. Every year I say “lets do this awesome winter dinner” and every year its sold out because I’m never organized to get tickets. What a great night this would be!

  22. My family and I would LOVE to see the Great Ice Show! I heard Mon Ami Louis is there but above all, my son would love to see the toboggan…

  23. Would love to go to the Great Ice Show! All the sculptures look amazing but would love to go to the ice bar cool concept!

  24. I would love to win the raw + almond tix. It’s our 35th anniversary on February 14. This would be a perfect way to celebrate!

  25. I would love to win tickets for Raw Almond! Next week is my birthday and my sister is coming to visit – it would be a perfect way to show off our city to a visitor! Thanks!

  26. I would LOVE to win tickets for Raw Almond at the Forks! I’m not a very good Winnipegger and don’t get out nearly enough in Winter, and this would be the PERFECT way to get me out (and fill my belly!) Thanks so much!

  27. I would be thrilled to be able to present my bestie with tickets to RAW: almond! It has been on her bucket list since its inception and she’s yet to have the opportunity to indulge in the delicacies that can be found on (or just above) the frozen river. Fingers Crossed! 🙂

  28. I would love to win the tickets cause I have lived in Winnipeg for over 50 years and never have eaten a meal on the river. I am a great promoter of all things local and would love to participate

  29. This is the first year since the inception that I failed to snag dinner tickets! I will of course, be taking in a brunch, but would love an opportunity to sit for dinner, especially considering the change of location this year.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  30. I’m trying to get out and enjoy winter adventures more often in Winnipeg. I’d love so much to win the Raw Almond tickets to add that experience to my bucket list!

  31. Would love a date night with the hubby at the Raw:Almond restaurant! Don’t get those much with two little ones keeping us busy. And this restaurant is a great way to show winter who’s boss-Manitobans can still enjoy our beautiful province even in Jan/Feb!!

  32. I would also really like to win tickets to RAW: Almond. It would be awesome to enjoy a proper meal in such a luxurious setting, and have a break from my student diet of ramen noodles!

  33. I have heard such great things about the Raw Almond dinner that this year I decided I would splurge and buy tickets. Unfortunately the event sold out so quickly I was unable to. I would love to treat my husband to this one of a kind event just to show him I appreciate everything he does for me!

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