7 Easy Ways to Stay Happy and Healthy in 2016

Yesterday, I had a serious case of the Mondays. I was daydreaming about the ‘pop, clink, and cheers’ of New Year’s Eve, and the buzz from seeing so many people at The Met counting down to midnight. While flipping through some websites (admittedly, I was not doing much on my computer other than that!), I came across www.donothingfor2minutes.com. It’s incredibly relaxing. You’re forced to do nothing but stare at a photo of a beautiful sunset while you listen to the sounds of ocean waves crashing against the shore.

This got me thinking: how do I keep these two-minutes of cool going throughout the year? Here are some suggestions on how to stay poised, mentally and physically healthy, and relaxed this year!

Get your blood pumping: Hump day slump? There’s no better cure than a quick and convenient cardio session! Grab a pair of skates and head to The Forks, or make your next meeting a walk-and-talk throughout the downtown’s 2 kilometre skywalk system! Or consider a trial membership at downtown gyms like the YMCA, Goodlife Fitness, and Urban Wellness Centre.


Downward Dog(park): Get away from the weekday hustle and bustle with free noon-hour yoga and Zumba classes at some of the downtown’s most lush green spaces like Memorial Park and Millennium Library Park. Or check out one of Canada’s largest yoga studios, Yoga Public, which has a sweet deal this month – 28 classes for $99!


Get those knots out: I don’t know about you but my Outlook calendar has a recurring monthly meeting for massages. Pro tip: name it “meeting” so you can leave your office and enjoy a nice break without your office workers knowing you’ve even left! From Downtown Massage Therapy to Ankyo Therapeutic Massage to Nirvana Wellness, there should be no reason why you aren’t hopping on this relaxing bandwagon in 2016!

Take more time for yourself: Take in the view of downtown by scheduling 30-minute walks around your building or by going to a coffee shop. There’s no shortage of java joints in the downtown and one of Winnipeg’s top-ranked coffee places, Thom Bargen, is opening up right at the corner of Kennedy and Graham in March!

Eat well at the Downtown Farmers’ Market: Treat yourself to farm fresh goodness at the Downtown Farmers’ Market at Manitoba Hydro. Check out the www.downtownwinnipegbiz.com for dates/times. Or give these health-conscious establishments a visit: Sunrise Health Food and Booster Juice.Graham Ave 1

Finding a cause to support long-term: Giving back for our city’s vulnerable makes you feel good and inspired to get you out of bed! Downtown agencies like Siloam Mission, Red Road Lodge, Graffiti Art Programming, and Main Street Project are always looking for volunteers.

Treat yourself: Wrap yourself in a comfy robe for a night-stay at any of the 13 hotels downtown or take a day off to enjoy TenSpa’s relaxing treatments.


As works starts to pile up in 2016, it’s easy to lose sight of your health! So try your best to take a time-out and prioritize some fun and relaxing activities – you won’t regret it, I promise!

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