Hi, I’d like a table for 1201 please!


I’m prepping for the biggest dinner of my life to date this weekend, and I am VERY thankful I don’t have to cook for this event.

Because there are going to be 1201 people there!!!

Table for 1201, the bigger and better (by one) sequel to last year’s Table for 1200 which sprawled the entire length (and then some) of the Esplanade Riel, is happening this Saturday. The event put on by Storefront MB, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, Tourism Winnipeg, Event Glass and Travel Manitoba is a huge celebration of architecture and architectural culture.

And we’re going to do so by indulging in some of the best food Winnipeg has to offer. Ben Kramer from Diversity Foods, Mandel Hitzer from deer & almond and a bunch of their colleagues are preparing a Manitoba-made family-style meal for all 1201 of us. My mouth is watering already.

Where is this giant table, you ask? Very good question, but part of the fun is it’s a secret!

Like last year, the location will be announced one hour before dinner is served (6:00 location announcement, 7:00 dinner), and guests are encouraged to wear white and bring their own chairs.

Tickets are $90 and pretty much sold out, but here’s the thing: I have two empty seats at my table. Care to join me?  

Let me know in the comments below where in Winnipeg (think picturesque) you’d like to have dinner with 1200 of your BFFs.

I’ll let you know if you’re the lucky winner by 10AM on Friday, May 22!

Note: Dinner is at 7PM on Saturday, May 23. Stay tuned to the email address you use to comment on this blog to find out if you’ve won!

99 thoughts on “Hi, I’d like a table for 1201 please!

  1. I would like to have dinner with 1200 of my BFFs in the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden at Assiniboine Park!!

  2. This sounds great! How about the Blvd on Broadway leading up to the Legislature? Or better yet – let’s shut down the street and feast!

  3. I would have to agree with many of the others who have commented with Assiniboine Park. It is so beautiful there. The grounds are fabulously stunning and this is a location that could accommodate as well!

  4. I would love to have dinner with 1200 of my BFFs in the beautiful Exchange District, specifically if they blocked off Bannaytne Avenue. Thanks so much for this chance to win! Good luck everyone.

  5. Hmmm…a street in the Exchange District or near Fort Gibraltar in St. Boniface…there are so many cool choices!

  6. It would be amazing to see this done at the Legislative Building, surrounded by so much greenery and beautiful history. We could also make it a round table and call it the round table for 1201!

  7. Nature choice: in the midst of the Assiniboine Forest would be beautiful.
    Built environment choice: on the roof of one of the old warehouses in the Exchange – tremendous view!

  8. It would be a dream to sit down to eat with 1200 others on one of our streets in the exchange. To be hugged by the beautiful buildings, each one distinct, with the sun peaking through seems like a perfect setting. Eating where cars normally drive would be neat, but also remind us of all the times the streets are closed for the vibrant festivals we hold in this meeting place. It’s a national historic site, brings thousands together every weekend already, and is my favourite spot in the city. Go Exchange go!

  9. Dinner for 1201
    In front of the Cathedral in St Boniface looking towards the river, the Esplanade Riel Bridge and downtown lights of Winnipeg

  10. The new Upper Fort Garry park on Main and Broadway could be interesting. I haven’t really checked it out yet though.

  11. The new Upper Fort Garry park on Main and Broadway could interesting. it’s been regarded in history as a place to meet. I haven’t really checked it out yet thought.

  12. The exchange! With its growing popularity and beautiful scenery. But great free food at an amazing event? I’ll eat it anywhere! 😅

  13. Celebrate Manitoba on the grounds of the Leg! Would love to join you! But dining with the polar bears would be fab too!

  14. I suggest setting up around the Witches’ Hut in Kildonan Park. It is right on the creek and there are lots of ducks and squirrels around. It would be beautiful to be surrounded by trees and nature. How great would that be?

  15. Lets have fun! I would love to have dinner at the Children’s Nature and Adventure Park at Assiniboine Park!

  16. My hubby and I would Love to be a Part of 1201 guests in white and our spot would be Portage and Main; main trading area and to Support our Winnipeg Jets and Congratulate them on their Huge Success on making the Playoffs this Year!

  17. The bridge at Assiniboine park would be lovely. Although I would be content to have dinner anywhere in our fine city with 1201 people.

  18. Actually ill change mine to the street/walkway behind the legislature would be nice overlooking the water and fountain .

  19. I think a perfect place for dinner with 1200 of my BFF’s is the foot bridge at Assiniboine Park or the lovely English Gardens.

  20. How cool would it be have dinner circling Assiniboine Park? I think the walking paths are totally meant to host a 1201 dinner party. Who knows, maybe one of us will be seated near Hudson as the rest of our pals in the zoo! Or near the Main Stage where hopefully they have some live music.

  21. I would love to have dinner outside in the streets of the Exchange District, a National Historic Site, right here in downtown Winnipeg. I imagine a fantastic dinner surrounded by beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture on a warm spring day would be a dream! Everyone dressed in angelic white would just top off the atmosphere!

  22. I recently have discovered Kildonan Park in the city. I live quite far away form the park, so as a result I have never been there until a couple of weeks ago. The Kildonan Park is way different then most of the parks in Winnipeg. I haven’t spent very much time in the park but the little bit I saw left a memory of a mysterious and magical place in my mind.
    The park is filled with huge trees and “secret” spaces and pathways. It would be a great place to host a supper for 1201 people. Just imagine all the people dressed in white between the big green trees of the park. It would be amazing!

  23. A beautiful continuous table would look exquisite along the River Walk and Waterfront Drive! Could you imagine the photo ops from both sides of the river?? Table for 1201 is such a cool concept, I love that we do this kinda stuff in Winnipeg!

  24. I think sitting and eating somewhere in St. Vital park would be beautiful. I love the green space with the river and all of the old trees there! 🙂

  25. Leo Mol Sculpture Gardens are one of my favourite places in Winnipeg, with the winding pathways and greenery and art all around. While contemplating my answer though, and reading the other comments, I realized again how many beautiful places there are in our city. I’ve made a list for myself and hope to picnic in as many as possible this summer!

  26. I would love to have dinner on the river bank right in front of the St.Boniface cathedral. Great walkway and you get amazing views of the forks, the Esplanade Riel, the Human Rights Museum and the cathedral behind you. The best Winnipeg skyline view you could ask for!

  27. Waterfront Drive because it connects so many different aspects of our great city. It’s not as picturesque in the traditional sense but it’s an emerging beauty that will hopefully change the face of our downtown and intercity for years to come!

  28. I would love to have dinner with 1200 people all down Portage Avenue! Shut down a huge section of the street for walking and dining only for a night.

  29. If I could dine at the table for 1201 it would be a dream come true and if we could all linger late until the stars shine over Assiniboine Park while a band played on The Lyric stage, it would be a night of cultural and creative perfection, Peg City style.

  30. St. John’s park. A lot of Winnipeg history here. Not far from point Douglas if you know anything about the immigration sheds. There is a very old church right there. Where a lot of pioneers and families rest. Raise a glass to history of how Winnipeg began.

  31. Conservatory Drive in Assiniboine Park; trees arching over with the Pavilion building sitting tall at the end of the driveway.

  32. cathedrale de St Boniface! Stunning building, a peak of the river and plenty of space! Let’s get our conversation (and eat!) on!

  33. The present vantage point is rather unparalleled, however, I would like to have dinner with 1200 friends along the Arlington street bridge.The view of the North End and Downtown one will find here during the golden hour, converged with the lighting from the rail tracks is incredible. Perhaps, the passing sounds of trains may be an issue, yet, it could be dulled by some complimenting string instruments.

  34. I would like to have the Dinner at the Forks. There you could see The Forks, the Human Rights Museum, the bridge and the river all in one glance. Good food, good view!

  35. I would love to have dinner at the Exchange district.

    You ask why the Exchange?

    Well one the architecture, two the history and three you are in the heart of Downtown. When you make food the taste comes from how much heart you put into it. Where better than the exchange to have food that’s made by amazing Winnipegers, surrounded by beautiful scenery of our amazing cities architecture!

  36. Oh! Whittier Park would be phenomenal. In that clearing where the railroad bridge surrounds it. It’s like a whole other place there, like you’ve been transported out of Winnipeg.

  37. Like so many others, I too thought of a few places in Assiniboine Park. Formal gardens or The English Gardens, but what about Portage and Main? The heart of Winnipeg. I would love to be at your table and to enjoy any place that is chosen.

  38. Dining on Broadway amidst all the history and architecture under a canopy of trees lit with strings of lights would be magical!

  39. I know it’s been been said, but setting up shop/table along one of the drives in Assiniboine park would be great!

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