Oh What a Night Downtown!

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The year is 1962. Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans are really popular. West Side Story just won the Academy Award for Best Picture. You just heard “Big Girls Don’t Cry” on American Bandstand for the first time and now you have a huge crush on Frankie Valli (and The Four Seasons).

Flash forward to May 26-31, 2015. The story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons – the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Jersey Boys takes centre stage in Downtown Winnipeg for six nights only!

Songs include “Oh, What a Night”, “Stay”, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”, and “Big Girls Don’t Cry” – among others. So trust me when I say you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ in your seat the Centennial Concert Hall.

Sound like a show that’s up your alley? Tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster.

Or you could win a pair here!

It’s easy – you tell me what your “Oh What a Night” downtown would be (a drink in the whiskey lounge at Prairie 360, over looking the city followed by a walk along The Forks riverwalk? An evening at the WAG? Trying a hidden gem of a restaurant followed by a concert, maybe followed by patio drinks with friends?) and you could win the ultimate “Oh What a Night Downtown for two, including:

Two tickets to the opening night of Jersey Boys at the Centennial Concert Hall and dinner for two at Blaze Restaurant & Lounge inside the Delta Hotel – uncomplicated, handcrafted food inspired by the prairies in which we live.

Contest closes May 20 at 2PM.

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25 thoughts on “Oh What a Night Downtown!

  1. My ‘oh what a night’ evening would start on any sunny patio with friends – maybe Muddy Waters at the Forks. Then a big show – Jersey Boys would be great. Followed by maybe a snack and a drink at King’s Head.

  2. My “Oh What a Night” would consist of a Haunted Winnipeg walking tour by Muddy Waters Tours. Then some bevvies and noms at The Pint or Rudy’s Eat & Drink. Then another stroll down the Forks River Walk with some froyo from Neon Cone and maybe finish off the evening with a night cap at The Hotel Fort Garry where we would then turn in for the night in room 202!!

  3. My “Oh What a Night” downtown would be having a fabulous dinner with my husband at Prairie 360 overlooking Winnipeg. Afterwards, we would enjoy a short trip over to the Centennial Concert Hall to take in a Broadway musical (like Jersey Boys). Afterwards, we would stay at Alt Hotel as we’ve heard wonderful things. We’re also big fans of Bryan Scott’s photography (Alt Hotel is where his mural is located). The following morning, we’d enjoy breakfast at the hotel, or walk over to Nick’s on Broadway for a delicious Broadway Bowl. Thanks so much for this chance to win!

  4. I’ve always loved nights downtown when I go for dinner at a new to me restaurant (there are so many and never enough time for this mama to try them all!) , followed by taking in a show at the concert hall, Pantages, the Burt or MTC.
    Thanks for the contest! Would love to see jersey boys!

  5. Our “Oh What A Night” Downtown would be dinner at a the Beautiful Restaurant Muddy Waters and then take a walk down by the Forks for some exercise, followed by a Wonderful Musical Performance by Jersey Boys; while we Sing our Fav tunes; Big Girls Don’t Cry and Oh What a Night! And then check out Prairie 360 for a lovely dessert and tea. Thanks so much Downtown Peggy for this chance to have a fun night with hubby!

  6. Hubby and mine’s ‘oh what a night’ evening would start with a romantic walk (holding hands, of course) along the river. Then stop at the forks for a couple drinks at The Beachcomber & Ba Ja Beach Club. Then proceed to the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, Jersey Boys. After an evening of singing our hearts out, we would go and enjoy a delicious dinner of red river steak sandwich and lake winnipeg shore lunch at Blaze Restaurant & Lounge.

    This would be our perfect and romantic evening out. ❤ xo

  7. My “oh what a night” would be having a lovely, romantic dinner at Prairie 360 and then enjoying the riverwalk around the Forks…Winning your wonderful giveaway would definitely add a loud “OH WHAT A NIGHT!”

  8. My “Oh What a Night” downtown would be having a late dinner at The Forks and then going for a long walk with him after that.

  9. My ‘oh what a night’ evening would start at my favourite place, the Forks, just walking around and then having a drink at one of the outdoor patios before the show. After a wonderful night of watching The Jersey Boys and listening to songs we know so well we would go for dinner at the new bar The Pint. This would definitely be a beautiful evening. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  10. My ‘Oh What A Night’ would consist of a fabulous dinner at Cibo Waterfront Café. A meal on their patio followed by a walk down waterfront drive is so enjoyable! Followed by a performance at the Centennial Concert Hall or Pantages Theatre. Both venues support a abundance of terrific talent. The icing on the cake would be taking a stroll down to Inn at the Forks after the show to cuddle up with a loved for the evening. Thank you for the chance to be treated!

  11. My ‘Oh What A Night’ would be seeing the Jersey Boys and going to ‘The Palm Lounge’ at the Fort Garry for a nighcap !

  12. My perfect “Oh what a night” would be dinner at The Keg, a concert at the MTS centre followed by desert and a night cap at the Palm room.

  13. My “Oh What a Night” downtown would be dinner at The Merchant, their Korean Fried Chicken and duck rolls look very interesting. Then a concert, there are a lot of great live theatre performances downtown, always something to do. After the show, a night cap at Hermanos Restaurant and Wine Bar, another great Winnipeg restaurant. it would be hard to choose as there are so many wonderful place to eat in downtown Winnipeg.

  14. My perfect “oh what a night” would be dinner and drinks downtown (think: Peasant Cookery, Deer and Almond, the Keg, etc) a show (like Jersey Boys!) at the Centennial Concert Hall, or at Manitoba Theatre Centre, followed by a walk to the Fairmont, where we would sleep in and enjoy a cozy room service breakfast! Thanks for the awesome chance to win, Peggy!!

  15. My ‘Oh What A Night’ evening would begin with a family dinner at The Forks, then drop off the kiddos with family and head out to see the RWB perform, or a show like Jersey Boys. End the night with drinks at Prairie 360, or dessert at Dessert Sensations. 🙂

  16. Oh What a night! I would meet my husband after work( we both work downtown) and walk to Rudy’s for a glass of white wine.Then a walk down to Sydney’s at the Forks for dinner and a talk about our day. This would be followed by a walk to the Concert Hall to see The Jersey Boys- a walk down memory lane to the days of our youth. We would wrap up the evening with a walk (singing the show tunes together) to the new ALT hotel, for a perfect night’s sleep. Now, that’s a night to remember!

  17. “Oh What a Night” was based in “late December, back in ’63” and is about The Four Season’s keyboard player’s time dating his future wife. (She also happened to help him write the song!) To stick with this theme, my “Oh What a Night” would take place in the infinite iciness of Winnipeg winter. Obviously, I would share this night with my beloved girlfriend.

    First off, you need to know everything would be a surprise for girlfriend, because surprises are the bomb! Surprises are one of those things in life that are as fun to give as they are to get. We would actually start our “What a Night” in the early afternoon with a perfect perusal of the Winnipeg Art Gallery, absorbing centuries of art that would inspire deep intellectual and philosophical discussion.

    Next, we’d hit up The Forks and check out the antique mall. Girl and I have a fondness for historical items and nostalgic culture. After antiques, we’d have an afternoon skate. Girlfriend is not very good at skating yet, so it would be the perfect opportunity to balance the “showing off of my mad skillz” with the “patience and persistence necessary to be a decent and effective instructor.” Of course, patience can only help you for so long. If all else fails, I would pull her in a toboggan down the skate trail (simultaneously showing off my mad skating skillz. But I would probably I need to take multiple breaks due to wheezing lunges and muscle cramps. Girlfriend is a slight girl, but I would still probably be a little out of shape by then. I try to get in shape for summer, but in the winter I usually let myself go. Especially during the holidays. I always just tell myself it’s good to put on some winter weight so I can stay warmer. If I were ever stranded, I would be able to survive for a longer period off my stored body fat. You know, like the bears do).

    Anyway, pulling Girlfriend in a toboggan down the skate trails wouldn’t be too embarrassing because we would be unidentifiable thanks to our scarf-covered faces. Well, almost unidentifiable. Our matching burgundy toques with huge pom-poms could be a giveaway to anyone who knew us will enough. (A dear friend of ours knitted the toques with her own two hands and ten fingers! She gave us the toques for Christmas and we promised we would wear them next time we attempted skating. We’d have to snap a couple selfies for proof, of course.)

    After all that outrageous outdoorsiness in the Winnipeg winter wonderland, we would definitely need to heat things up. Two orders of steamy pasta dinner from Old Spaghetti Factory at The Forks coming right up! But first, I gotta let you in on a little secret. This is one of the best parts. While awaiting our pasta to be served, I would leave for an abnormally long bathroom break. No, no, no — it’s not what you think! Rather than hit the boys’ room, I’d sneak over to Inn at the Forks and take the elevator up to a room that I had booked earlier that day in secret. Everything’s a surprise, remember? That’s where I would turn on the iPod dock with some smooth tunes (Possibly some Four Seasons. “December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)” would obviously be a good fit. It has that bumping seventies disco-pulse. I’m not the hugest disco disco fan, but I’m quite fond of Donna Summer. Dianna Ross her true sassiness during the disco craze, too.) Anyway, I put on some sort of smooth music and then tediously flick the switches on a hundred or so electric candles. They’d surround the around the room in alternating placement with peanut butter cups. Both Girlfriend and I enjoy peanut butter and chocolate in good proportion. Speaking of Girlfriend, she’d be sitting back at our table at OSF with our ever-cooling pasta wondering where the heck I went. I’d run back across the drive through the snow, making sure to stay out of sight from her in case she should turn around in her chair to look out the window.
    Well, you probably know what happens next. Pasta time! I would have a gluten-free Mizithra pasta (it’s disease related, not an intolerance) and she would have the seafood fettuccine Alfredo. She would offer me some of hers, but I’d politely refuse. Although I’ve come to enjoy seafood, I don’t think I would appreciate it to its fullest smothered in Alfredo sauce. It would end up just being a waste of shrimp, and we try to be frugal. We’d share a bottle of the house wine. Not because I’m cheap – I already told you we’re frugal!

    Following dinner, we’d take the car around the loop out back between Johnston Terminal and Inn at the Forks and…BOOM! Surprise hotel stay at the Inn. She wouldn’t even see it coming. She wouldn’t even see where it would be going. We’d check out the wonderful candle/peanut butter cup display in our hotel room and listen to those smooth groovy tunes as we I’d mix us some vanilla Irish coffees (the “Irish” in “Irish coffee” usually means whisky, but in this case I would choose our mutually preferred liquor, Sailor Jerry. l kept the term “Irish coffee” to describe the alcoholic content, but only because “Tattooed Hawaiian Navy Sailor coffee” just doesn’t have the same ring). We would have our “Irish” coffee in portable, disposable (yet recyclable) coffee cups. You didn’t really think we would be done with the wintry outdoors, did you? We would take our hot beverages (though, we’d leave the “Irish” at the hotel, of course!) and walk to a nearby music venue to dance the night away. Girlfriend and I really enjoy dancing. It might not be pretty to watch, but it’s a sensual language that only we can interpret. Where would we dance? Some places of interest are The Pyramid, MAW’s and Wee Johnny’s. It’s not about the size of the venue or crowd for us, it’s all about the groove of the music and the intimacy of the setting.

    After dancing until we were delirious, we’d head back to the Inn at the Forks to enjoy the luxury of the rom. That’s where I’ll leave you. Don’t even think of knocking. Well, we might emerge to order a pizza or something. All that dancing could leave you hungry. I’d probably even run out in snow in my pajamas and bare feet to get the pizza. You never know. Anyway, I feel it’s important to add that in the morning we’d have brunch. With two side orders of bacon. Afterward, we’d both it was too much bacon afterward, but it’s better safe than sorry. We’d eat all of it, because we try to be frugal.

    I’d love to say we would check out the performance of Jersey Boys that night, but this is my fantasy and it happens in December – and we all know that Jersey Boys is happening THIS week in May, not in December. Even in fantasies, I’m a stickler for accuracy. I attribute it to my intense journalistic conditioning.

    Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my “Oh, What a Night” as much as I’ve enjoyed thinking about it. You might even consider it an “Oh-M-G, WHAT a NIGHT!” I certainly hope there wasn’t a word limit for this contest. Thank you for the opportunity to win some tix to see Jersey Boys, DT Peggz!

    Also, thanks for being so smart and funny and informative. I always thought you were pretty good looking, even for a cartoon. But last comments are off-record for the contest. I don’t endorse biases of any sort.

  18. Hi Peggy, my perfect Oh What a Night would start off with dinner at Hermanos or Rudy’s or Urban Peasant, followed up by either the latest WAG Show or Jazz on the Rooftop, or the Jazz Fest or the Fringe Festival, and capping off the evening at the King’s Head.

  19. My perfect oh what a night would be going to Hys for dinner, then to the jersey boys concert.
    after the wonderful uplifting concert, I would like to go to the lounge at the fairmont hotel for drinks. Then spend the night at the lovely fairmont hotel, waking up
    exhilirated. Oh what a night!
    Thanks Peggy.

  20. “Oh What a Night” downtown would start off with a drink on Rudy’s Patio straight from work, a wonderful dinner at Hermanos, followed by a fabulous “Jersey Boys” concert and then return home to cuddle on the couch! 🙂

    Thanks for offering this opportunity!

  21. My “Oh What a Night” would start with a drink in the Prairie 360 lounge and then dinner at one of the restaurants in the Exchange like Peasant Cookery or Deer + Almond and then finished off with a concert or performance at the Concert Hall or Pantages.

  22. My “Oh What a Night” would be … some summer fun beginning with an appertif and a play at a “Fringe” venue followed by oudoor kiosk jewellery/scarf/purse or whatever shopping in Old Market Square, fetching some delicious foods at a poutine or perogy vendor and catching an act or 2 on the stage at the CUBE!

  23. My “Oh What a Night” would be dinner on the patio at the Peasant Cookery followed by sitting on a blanket and watching a movie at Movies on Memorial!

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