Physiotherapy? #Finditdowntown!

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Hey, it’s May! And that means it’s physiotherapy month.

Maybe that’s a thing you don’t think about all that often – something you seek out when you’ve gotten an injury playing sports or in an accident. But physiotherapy is something we can all benefit from as a preventative practice for injury or posture improvement for life-long strength and comfort.

As downtown worker, I sit at my desk an awful lot – physiotherapy can be helpful in correcting and maintaining good posture.

Physiotherapists are specialists who work to help us manage, reduce and eliminate aches and pains. And on the plus side, there are a handful of excellent physiotherapy offices easily accessible to those of us who spend time downtown, and this form of medical care is often covered by employee benefits or insurance.

Elite Sports & Physiotherapy (394 Graham Ave.) began offering physiotherapy services in 1997, and has recently welcomed a massage therapist to their team.

Graham Physiotherapy and Sport (425 St. Mary Ave.) is another downtown option for physiotherapy care.
204-946-0855 (201 Portage Ave.) is connected to Winnipeg Square and offers physiotherapy, orthopedic and ergonomic specialties in downtown since 1993.

Nova Physio, located in the Medical Arts building, (233 Kennedy St.) has been a downtown service provider for over 25 years. In addition to typical physiotherapy, they offer specialty treatment unique in North America for pelvic floor health and women’s health, often related to pre- and post-partum issues or breast cancer care.


And while we’re on the topic, stay tuned because Fitness in the Park is returning this summer – look for yoga, pilates and Zumba happening daily at Memorial Park and Millennium Library Park – promoting good posture, flexibility, health, wellness, core strength and taking a step away from your work space at the lunch hour.


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