Hello Hera!

Never mind your cute baby pics and super awkward high school yearbook photos. How’s this for a #FlashbackFriday – the Winnipeg Art Gallery they’re flashing back to the 7th Century BC – 2nd Century AD with the Olympus exhibit and it opens this Sunday!

Featuring over 160 ancient Greek and Roman marble and bronze statues, terracotta vases and pieces of jewellery on loan to us from the Collection of Classical Antiquities of the National Museums in Berlin, this exhibit only stops in only two North American destinations (we’re one of them – pretty special!).

Come face-to-face with 12 amazing Olympians including Zeus, Venus, Athena, Hera and more.

Interested? Take this quiz and let me know which Olympian you are for your chance to win a pair of passes to the exhibit! And as always, remember to #Finditdowntown when you post photos of your visit!


I got Hera:

Pros: She’s beautiful, the daughter of two important Titans: Kronos and Rhea, the protector of marriage, women, motherhood and childbirth

Cons: Married her brother (Zeus), has an argumentative streak, very jealous of her husband’s lovers (seems reasonable to me…)


Contest closes Friday, May 1 at 2PM.

For hours, ticket prices, etc. click here.

37 thoughts on “Hello Hera!

  1. Your personality most closely resembles that of Aphrodite/Venus GODDESS OF LOVE
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  2. Apparently I am most like Zeus/Jupiter KING OF THE GODS. I’ll take it! 😉

    Although if I could actually control the weather, I’d help Winnipeg out just a bit. We don’t need much help because our city is amazing and offers great arts and culture and sporting events… but a little weather help could serve us well.

    Looking forward to the exhibit!

  3. Apollo here, all the way! Wearing my crown of Laurel leaves (miss that fine nymph all the time) while I strut around my temples at Delphi (don’t mind the fumes dear supplicants) plucking tunes out on my lyre and waiting for my sister Artemis to finish her hunt. I drag the sun out daily on my four-horsed chariot though often I swap this task with my cousin Helios, depending on where I need to be (Delos is more than just a skip away). Sometimes I’m helping people with their health, other times I’m leading the muses and using their inspiration to create more music to dance and recite poetry too. It’s always a radiant day *wink, wink* with me around, unless…unless I’m using my bow and arrow skills to spread the plague around…ahem, well it was the Trojan war and the Greeks started it so don’t give me that look!

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