Clean and green: Earth Day 2015!


This has to be the best time of year – it’s sunny, warm, the Jets are in the playoffs and the very best of the summer is just around the corner.

But before then we have a little cleaning up to do.

Now that the snow has melted and all the dust has settled (in every nook and cranny), I think we have a bit of sprucing up to do. So come join me, and a bunch of my pals including the crew from Fresh FM, Big FM, Energy 106, Marcie Markusa from CBC Radio, the crew from Global, downtown residents and business workers and more on Earth Day – April 22, 2015 as we tidy up our beloved downtown neighbourhood and spiff it up for many outdoor days ahead!

The deets:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
9am – 11:30am at Thunderbird House
2pm – 4:30pm at Millennium Library Park

Rumour has it there will be all kinds of prizes and give-aways, including two bikes, re-usable coffee mugs, Goldeye’s tickets, plantable trees and more!


Prizes for:
Best Team Name
Most lbs of litter picked per person
Best Team Outfit
Most Members in a Team
Most Enthustiastic Team

This will be a fun day! To get in on the clean, green action register here. 

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