More vulgar, more hilarious, more dancing, Mor…mon!


The Book of Mormon

Apparently it’s quite the feat to snag tickets to the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical The Book of Mormon in actual New York. It’s been sold-out for ages.

It’s here to dazzle, entertain, and potentially offend Winnipeg audiences at the Centennial Concert Hall until March 22, and I got to see it last night!

The show is two hours (plus intermission) of “Did they actually say that?!” mixed with “Ohhh did I just LOL at that…?!” and a bit of “Yep. Yep, they went there,” along with the impeccable dance numbers, animated characters, and through-the-roof talent expected of a travelling Broadway show.

Written and created by the writers of the raunchy/comedy cartoon South Park (hint: if that show’s not your cup of tea, this probably isn’t either…), the plot involves – you guessed it – a crew of young Mormon missionary boys (stereotypes abound) as they try to meet the baptism quota in a small Ugandan village where troubles such as AIDS, starvation, war lords, maggot-infested private parts, female circumcision, and rape are discussed quite light-heartedly.

Elder Price and Elder Cunningham are meant to spread the good word to the Ugandan people together, but all-star word-spreader Elder Price has a mini-breakdown over his prayers to be placed in his absolute dream location (Orlando) being ignored, so Elder Cunningham (super dorky underdog with a wild imagination) takes charge, leading the Ugandan tribe to (slightly – ok super – twisted) truth. It’s not ideal, but it all works out in the end, although the Ugandans do not find paradise or salvation in Salt Lake City, Utah as they’d hoped.

It’s hilarious, the tunes are catchy, there are poop jokes, lots of swearing and rude gestures, and it’s chock-full of Mormon mockery and a true tale of friendship. I’d recommend it.


And there’s more where that came from.

Jersey Boys will be at the Centennial Concert Hall May 26 – 31. Tickets go on sale March 23, but I have the presale password!

Visit March 20 – 22 and enter the password SEASONS. Let me know if you’re looking for a date! 😉



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