Party with Peggy at the Parade!

The Santa Claus parade is this Saturday, Nov. 15! It’s a tradition and it’s become one of my favourite events of the year because so many families come downtown and it brings lights and joy and excitement for the holiday season!

Speaking of excitement, I heard this year fireworks and pyrotechnics with be happening along the parade route instead of afterwards at The Forks – so plan accordingly!

And I know it’s getting really chilly outside – I even saw a few flurries of snow over the weekend…so in order to make one family’s Santa Claus parade experience a little warmer and a little brighter, I thought I’d give away some VIP seats and all kinds of treats, with help from my friends at Portage Place!

I want to hear about your favourite downtown holiday activity – so comment below, and you and your family will be entered to win my VIP Santa Claus experience!

You have the next few days to let me know. The contest closes at 3 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 14 and the winner will be announced shortly after.

Pre-parade activities get underway at 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15. Parade begins at 5 p.m. For more info visit

69 thoughts on “Party with Peggy at the Parade!

  1. Hands down my favorite downtown activity is watching the Santa Claus parade with my nephews then going to a different downtown restaurant to warm & feed our bellies! I’m a fan of the new indoor farmers market too.

  2. Santa Claus Parade

    My wife has been before… but this will be a first for me and my son. Don’t know what to expect, but hoping for a good time and some lasting memories.

  3. it kinda starts with the parade, then the forks/museum to see the old Eaton’s display. The mb hydro building to see those displays – and then a drive to see the Christmas lights.

  4. We love to get as much family together and head downtown. Grab lots of mini doughnuts, find a good spot and enjoy the Santa Claus Parade!!! 🙂

  5. I have yet to attend the parade with my little ones. But every year we love driving downtown and seeing the Christmas lights and displays down Portage and Main, and of course the tree at city hall!

  6. The Santa Parade IS my favourite downtown event (well except for the Farmers Markets!) and has become a huge tradition for our family. Standing from 4 until the end, and then running down to the Forks for fireworks kicks off our holiday season and we can’t wait until Saturday!

  7. We have always enjoyed the lights down portage growing up and visiting Winnipeg from out of town. We haven’t been to the parade since becoming Winnipeg residents but would love to start!

  8. My families favorite downtown holiday tradition is volunteering on Christmas Eve day at the Siloam Mission. Whoever happens to be here for Christmas comes with us and we just love it. This year I’m having surgery on December 23rd so we can’t go. Our first year in many that we will have to miss. It’s a wonderful downtown holiday tradition.

  9. Definately the Santa parade it’s been a tradition with my kids since they were small and we never miss a year no matter how cold it is out!

  10. Growing up in Winnipeg, the Santa Clause parade was always my sisters’ and my favourite annual event. Now it has become my two kids favourite – and they don’t even mind the cold! They love handing their letters to Santa’s elves.

  11. My favourite downtown holiday activity is The Santa Claus Parade. This parade made my kids believe that there is real Santa along with the winter snow came now. Then we drive the kids to see the beautiful display of Festival of Trees and Lights along downtown.

  12. Our favourite family tradition has always been the Santa Clause Parade. For many years with my children and then with my grandchildren. Just watching their eyes light up when the Santa float shows up is such a joy.

  13. I like to hang out downtown in the malls on Christmas Eve. Just people watching as they run out of time to buy gifts. Buy some coffee/smokes for someone on the street. Pocket full of candy canes to give away. The Santa Claus Parade is also great if I have my daughter that day.

  14. The Santa Claus Parade is our favourite holiday tradition, downtown or not! My girls LOVE greeting Santa and welcoming him to Winnipeg!!

  15. Horse drawn carriage rides at the MB hydro building (Festival of Trees and Lights) going around the streets of downtown while listening to Christmas music 😀 The best feeling is being with family and enjoying that time under the blankets, trying to stay warm while singing along 😀

  16. We have 5 kids and and we love Christmas. We love to celebrate christmas as a family. Every year we get so excited for the Santa Claus Parade. We especially enkoy all the lights and decorations around downtown. It really brings us into the christmas Spirit!!!

  17. We love to go check out the lighting of the New Christmas Tree every year, I love to see my son’s eyes light up when he sees all the lights 🙂 and of course We love to go check out the Santa Claus Parade every year, as well we enjoy heading to the Forks for the different events there and the children’s Christmas crafts during the month of December is great fun, also the Children’s Museum when the Eaton’s exibit is there during the Christmas Season. We also love the Farmer’s Market during the summer and the New indoor one is fantastic as well, because we live downtown we really try to get out to pretty much everything we can that is actually going on. I love to have my son and my niece experience all the different events downtown Winnipeg has to offer 🙂

  18. Meet up with all the adult siblings and their kids at the house closest to the parade. Drink hot chocolate, eat popcorn and scurry out to watch the parade with frozen feet and fingers.

  19. I love the lights on Main st. & Portage Ave. during the Holiday season, they’ve looked the same since I was a kid. Look forward to them every year, and always make time to be downtown at night to enjoy them!

  20. Every year, my sister and I take our niece and nephew to the Santa Claus Parade. We pack up the wagon filled with blankets and hot chocolate. We get there early and let the kids choose the best spot to sit and we set up camp. We get to enjoy the pre-party activities like soccer and dancing in the streets, and when the show gets underway, it’s a continuous song of “oohs” and “ahhs” from the kiddos. I love to see the excitement build in their faces as the parade goes on and Santa gets closer. To see their smiles when Santa waves to them is priceless and makes the entire day worthwhile.

    After the parade, we head out for dinner and talk about Santa, Christmas, and their favourite floats in the parade. We’ve been doing it for 5 years now, and it gets better every year. Can’t wait to continue the tradition with them and my own kids one day.

  21. My favorite is the santa clause parade!! Along with the festivities that take place at thr hydro building…..the trees look amazing!!

  22. My daughter goes to theatre class at PTE. We love to wander around downtown after her classes. Portage Place, MEC and the Jets Store are our favs.

  23. Skating at the forks ! My daughter loves watching all the kids and this year she will get to join them for the first time and taking a long walk at dusk from the forks down Broadway by the beautiful Fort Garry Hotel when all those trees are covered in snow bowing over the road,surrounded by some of those old fashioned building facades mixed with modern ones all snow covered, for some reason it takes my breath away it’s just charming right up to the courthouse to see the polar bears and “old timey” lampposts . To me it’s the most beautiful part of Winter in Winnipeg maybe stopping by the fyxx for a hot drink … And an applejack

  24. Our current tradition is taking my little boys to see Santa at Portage Place, then stopping to have a hot chocolate (with marshmellows of course!). Last year we also went to the PTE Childrens Christmas Munsch play and hope to do that again this year!

  25. I would love this. My son and I have just moved to Winnipeg from Calgary and it would make an awesome welcome home for me. Then this would be our favourite activity for downtown, we don’t have one yet. 🙂

  26. Santa Claus Parade
    This will be my first year going as my daughter usually goes with her dad because I’m normally working…. I’m very excited to experience this with her finally this year!

  27. The Santa parade has become a papa, daughter, grandson event. (3 generations). My dad and i started this when my oldest son was just 13 months old and he looks forward to it every year (now 9) and my youngest son just as much. Its always a struggle to get the kids to the front but they get there and sit good the whole time. Seeing Santa is by far the best memory and goung “downtown” is a big event for them. Now that they are older we started parking closer to the end so its a shorter walk to the forks after. I love the idea of them being at the end of the parade. Can’t wait for Saturday letters are ready!

  28. my favourite holiday activity is taking my niece and nephews to the santa claus parade and seeing the expressions on their faces as the floats go by :-)!

  29. My mother in law remembers taking her kids to Eaton’s to see display ! This year she wants to take grandchildren to Parade! Hope I win for her!!

  30. Love when they light up the Christmas lights on portage for the first time of the season at the parade. The kids love to see all of the wonderful floats and listen to all of the great Christmas music that gets us in the spirit of the season.

  31. Love taking the kids to the parade. Even all dressed up in snowsuits sometimes! My dad comes with us and he always seems to find good parking! I think he gets as excited as the kids when the Santa float goes by!

  32. We go shopping downtown for a whole sat before Christmas….we enjoy the lights, music etc. We go out for some hot chocolate and treats and just enjoy our time together.

  33. We love a good skate and hot chocolate date at The Forks! I’m also hoping to start a new tradition with our 1 year old of going to see the parade.

  34. I love how the city comes to together to show off their talents in the Santa parade. to out on a good show foe the kids and the adults also 🙂

  35. I lived downtown for 15 years and have always enjoyed the Christmas lights and parade. Now that I have small children and no longer live there, we make it a point to see the parade every year 🙂

  36. One of my favourite memories was going to see the Christmas display at Eaton’s Centre. I loved when they brought the display to MB Hydro one year for the Festival of Lights (another of one of fav events!).

  37. Ever since I was a little girl we used to take a special drive to see the lights down main street and when my mom used to ask us our favourite my little brother used to always say the bell and when we always seed him to point out which bell he pointed to the bell hotel sign lol We went every year and now I take my kids to see the ones in main street and the ones on portage and they love it and I still remember my brothers favourite Christmas decoration every year lol

  38. It will be the first year my daughter will be old enough to go to the Santa Claus parade. I’m looking forward to see my daughter excited to see all the lights and holiday fun!

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