I almost forgot! It’s Halloween!

I was walking down Portage Avenue this morning and I saw some people in some really wacky outfits – capes , fur, wigs in every colour…

I wondered what was going on, and then I remembered.

It’s Halloween!

And I don’t even have a costume! But it’s not too late. I’ll just leave it in the hands of the extremely capable staff at Harlequin Costume & Dance. They have a huge selection of dance shoes, bodysuits and accessories, but more than that they have excellent, authentic costumes for rent and pieces for purchase.

I’m going to head there (375 Hargrave St.) right after work and see what I can find, and I might just see if Shoe Net (420 Portage Ave.) has any great shoes or accessories to make my outfit that much better.

And since I’ll be all dressed up downtown, I think I’ll see what’s going on at the RBC Convention Centre for Central Canada Comic Con – it’s happening tonight – October 21 – November 2!


Happy Halloween!

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