I’m going back to biking


I used to cycle every day to work, and then when we had a rainy spring, I started to slack a bit. I mean a lot. I got a stack of bus tickets and spent my commute in the cozy confines of the bus with my phone on playing Candy Crush, or even driving to work some days. But now that’s it’s gorgeously sunny out again, I really don’t have any excuse…and then two things happened the other day to get me off my couch.

One, I got to chatting with the super-fit @MsBehavior and @lindsayhamel on twitter about starting up a bike commuter school for people who want to try cycling downtown. (FYI, those two can get you excited about ANYTHING fitness related!) And two, someone sent me this video.

They reminded me of just how freeing commuting on a bike here can be. No, the bike lanes in Winnipeg aren’t perfect yet, and I make sure to wear a helmet – BUT I can change my plans or my route at the drop of a hat, and that’s pretty liberating. Answered one more email and stayed at the office too late? No worries, my bike didn’t leave without me, and I don’t have to refill the parking on the bike rack. York closed because of the RBC Convention Centre construction? Hop off my bike on the corner and walk along the sidewalk – maybe 30 seconds lost. Want to make a TGIF stop with a friend? Easy to make a detour. So as of yesterday, I’m back to biking.

Any fellow cycling commuters out there? Why do you ride to work? (or home, or out for fun?) And if you haven’t tried it yet, would you come out to bike commuter school?

6 thoughts on “I’m going back to biking

  1. I live off of Waterfront – and work at Donald and Broadway – biking to work is the BEST part of my day. 🙂 As an ex-suburbanite – I would totally attend a bike commuter school as riding downtown is a totally different ball game.

  2. My husband and I purposely bought our house in river heights so I can bile to work. Did it cost us more to buy a house there? Yes, but I’ll be saving more in the long run not needing a second car! I love the fresh air and feeling like I’ve accomplished something, even though I’m still spending the same amount of time in transportation (bus vs bike). I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. Now if only cars would learn to share the road!
    Also – I wished the above video promoted more helmet use! Only 1 person wore won 😉

  3. I bike-commute to work from spring to fall and run-commute over the winter (10km each way). I also love the freedom my bike offers. I do most of my grocery shopping on my bike.
    I enjoy my life so I always wear a helmet.

  4. I bike-commute to work when I can – 15 K each way – and I love it! It is such a great way to start and end the work day. Last year I rode until it got to be 10 degrees below for my morning ride. That was too cold for a long ride, but I will be enjoying the warm weather riding!

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