Looking for a seat at the Table for 1200?

The countdown is on – just over one week to go till the biggest dinner party this town has ever seen happens!

Table for 1200 Winnipeg

If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about, then somehow you’ve missed the news about next weekend’s Table for 1200 event – a quick recap:

  • May 31, 7 – 9 PM.
  • Location is a surprise! All they’re telling us until the day of is that it’s a ‘prominent downtown location.’ Kudos to the organizers on their secret-keeping abilities, it hasn’t leaked yet!
  • Food will be by RAW:almond (Mandel Hitzer from Deer + Almond and Joe Kalturnyk from RAW Gallery) along with Ben Kramer from Diversity Food Services. Yum.
  • 5468796 Architecture and Storefont MB are behind it, and they want to use this night get us all thinking & talking about design (personally, I think the fact that IT’S AWESOME would have been reason enough to do it. But I’ll take great conversation with architects too!)
  • It really is going to be set up as one long table, and they’re setting it up on just a couple of hours notice to keep the location secret as long as possible! I’ve asked them a few times, and they’ve assured me they’re not kidding.

Final fact:

All 1200 seats sold out in a day. I think the only thing that went faster was Jets season tickets. I’ve got mine – but I also bought an extra pair of tickets to give away!

Tickets to the most epic dinner party you’ll ever attend could be yours. Now, I want someone who’s going to get into the spirit of things at this dinner. So hop on over to tablefor1200.ca and find the answer to this question for me: what colour are they asking guests to wear that night?

You can share it in the comments or tweet me @DowntownPeggy with the hashtag #TableFor1200 to enter – you’ve got until noon on Monday!


WOW. Tons of entries for this one – I wish I had enough to take you all to the dinner! But I’ve only got one pair of tickets, and they’re going to my lucky winner….Gayle Franzmann!

Congrats Gayle! Consider your dinner plans this Saturday made, you’ll be getting an email with more information soon!



I’ve gotten my hands on one more pair of tickets! Same rules – post in the comments or tweet me with the colour you’re supposed to wear and hashtag #TableFor1200 to enter. I’ll take entries till midnight tonight (May 28th)!


I’ve got my second winner! And it is… @mremoquillo! Congrats – I’ll be tweeting you info shortly ๐Ÿ™‚


71 thoughts on “Looking for a seat at the Table for 1200?

  1. They’re hoping everybody will wear “a sea of white.” Should be fun! I hear that the Almond and Deer is a fabulous place to eat, so that would be an experience in itself.

  2. White, which I think is a bold choice considering 25% of people will inevitably spill on themselves

  3. Sounds incredible and a wonderful idea to engage local and some times I know culinary talents. I’ll make sure to wear all white when I win? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. Says “Winnipeg White Out” ahh…Where built “white” in winters! ! We’re survivors of winter ๐Ÿ˜€ It would be great to sit with others at this table smoozing and enjoying wonderful meal!

  5. White! And what a cool visual that will be! I’d love love LOVE to go to this event – and I even have the perfect dress ready and waiting!

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