Black & White Gala 2014: it’s River Revelry!

Young Associates Black & White 2014 River Revelry

What’s black and white and throwing a party downtown?

That would be the Young Associates with their big annual bash – the Black & White gala. Every year it’s some kind of a creative spot downtown – the penthouse of 201 Portage, an Electrify-themed gala at the Hydro building, even a ’20s bash at the Paddlewheel restaurant! (may it rest in peace)

This year, they’re actually taking over the Forks itself with a River Revelry theme – I’m thinking blue outfits would be an excellent choice. They go all-out with the themed decor, so I’ve got to match – from what I hear, you’re going to feel like you’re underwater! They even have prizes that go with the theme – little things like, oh, a Black Tahitian Pearl necklace and a men’s Marine Star Bulova watch.

And I’ve got 1 pair of tickets to give away to it! To enter, share this post with the hashtag #RiverRevelry and I’ll enter you!

If you don’t want to chance it and want to buy tickets, info is here!

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