It’s Easter weekend, aka the weekend when we do the Traditional Overconsumption of Cadbury Mini-Eggs. And I hate to mess with tradition, but if you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth with something a little different, I think you should know it’s still Ciao! magazine’s Chocolatefest until the end of the month! Restaurants around the city are serving up special chocolate dishes for $7 each – here’s what some of the downtown spots (especially the Forks) have on offer!

  1. Caramel Crepe at the Forks: Serving up a chocolate crepe, with Nutella, ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.
  2. Fro-Gurts at the Forks: Their Oreo Frogurt, blending delicious chocolate Oreo pieces with vanilla frozen yogurt.
  3. The Fudge Guy at the Forks: Hand-made chocolate fudge made from scratch on their premises.
  4. Human Bean Coffee & Tea at the Forks: Chocolate sin torte, a decadent cake full of ganache, mousse and icing layered with three types of chocolate.
  5. The Neon Cone at the Forks: Triple Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream
    This take home dessert is a combination of chocolate ice cream swirled with chocolate fudge and chewy chocolate
    brownie pieces.
  6. Prairie 360 is doing not 1, not 2, but 3 chocolately desserts:
  • Triple Chocolate Cheesecake – Crushed Oreos under a layer of dark chocolate ganache, topped with a milk chocolate cheesecake filling, finished with white chocolate curls.
  • Chocolate Orange Alexander CocktailGlenmorangie original, spiced chocolate syrup, cream, and chocolate bitters
    garnished with cardamom.
  • Bittersweet Harmony Cocktail – Averna, Glen Garioch and creme de cocoa garnished with
    orange peel and a cherry.

Find out more on Chocolatefest here

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