Downtown Pop-Up Shop

One shop, two shop, three shop….I’m going to stop because there’s actually 7 shops in one that just popped up in Portage Place!



All of the 7 are young entrepreneurs who are testing out what it would be like to have a storefront – and they’re actually a very cool bunch that I would never have expected to see sharing the same space, but it really works! I was at their launch yesterday and got to peek at all the products.

In all, you’ve got Lennard Taylor – maker of fabulous clothing and accessories, from leather holsters to painted tshirts and lovely flowy tunics. EPH Apparel – who help the young gents of downtown suit up in custom gear at a price they can afford. Bannock in a Box and Delicious Kicks (who are in a dead heat for cutest names) serve up bannock and spicy salsas. Synonym Art represents 10 local artists and sells their work in the pop-up. Digiplus can do a gorgeous engraved phone cases, business card cases, and more out of everything from coloured metal to bamboo! And there’s an awesome lounge in the middle from Oi Furniture that you can arrange and rearrange out of separate blocks to build seating that’s as big or small as you need it to be!

The store is open 11 – 3 Monday to Saturday, and you can actually meet the entrepreneurs some of those times too – I got to talk to Lennard about what his favourite pieces are for spring, with the salsa people about their recipes. They’re running for the next 3 weeks only, so stop by before it’s gone!




2 thoughts on “Downtown Pop-Up Shop

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Portage Place and the Downtown Winnipeg Biz have done a wonderful thing allowing myself and other entrepreneurs in the space. Hopefully it is just the start of more things to come!

    If anybody is wondering, my website is and it has photos of all of the different products I offer. I’d be happy to meet with anyone who’d like to see some samples in person. 🙂



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