It’s St Patrick’s Day weekend! Part 1: Where to go

This is the one night of the year that I’m guaranteed to come home with 1) green beer and/or Guinness in my stomach 2) green glitter somewhere in my hair 3) GREAT stories.

And since you’ve found your way here, I’m guessing you’re in search of places to raise a pint in honour of Ireland too! So let’s get to it:

Shannon’s Irish Pub

James and the Giant is playing live, and a pub is never a bad place to spend St Patrick’s, but Shannon’s isn’t stopping at that – they’re throwing the 3rd annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade! Everyone who’s got the St Patty’s Day spirit is welcome to parade through downtown sharing the holiday spirit – and of course, finishing up at the pub when you’re done.

St Patricks Day Parade Downtown Winnipeg 2014

Tavern United

When St Patrick’s Day is a Monday, what do you do? Celebrate Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday? Tavern has solved the problem – they’re just going to party every one of those nights!

St Patricks Day Winnipeg Tavern United

FAME Nightclub:

Get your green clubbing gear on – DJ Roy is playing until 2am, and the best costume wins a “Pot O’Gold” of $100!

St Patricks Day Winnipeg Fame

Other spots to check out:

Shark Club

Green beer will be flowing Monday at their St Patrick’s Day party – along with other surprise green drink specials you’ll have to visit to see!

Finn’s Pub

Again, hard to go wrong with a pub as a place to spend St Patty’s Day. Finn’s has a fab pub menu and a solid selection of pints on tap to put you in the proper spirit.

Prairie 360

If you’re over green beer, try honouring Ireland in a more understated way by spending some time in the whisky lounge. I know, we all think whisky = Scottish, but the Irish make it too!

Tomorrow on the blog: what to wear so you avoid those pesky St Patrick’s Day pinches.

Where are you planning to spend St Patrick’s Day?

5 thoughts on “It’s St Patrick’s Day weekend! Part 1: Where to go

  1. Is there a real Chicken Soup for the Infertile's Soul? Because if there was, knowing what little I know about the series, it would be full of stories about people who finally did conceive, and it would make those of us who think, "yeah, that's other people, not us" rip the book to pieces.

  2. Not like I shop at Circuit City, but now I will never set foot in that place. My mental check list of what stores NOT to shop in is getting longer. You did the right thing. Their Loss prevention went too far, for your safety and theirs. My God, we live in such a police state, it’s ridiculous.

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