Bike or build – more wintry good times in downtown Winnipeg!

Nobody does winter like Winnipeg this year. Seriously, we OWN you, Polar Vortex. Bring on your ice and snow, we’re going to play in our parks and get on our bikes anyway!

I love that we finally seem to be embracing the fact that we’re a winter city! Over the last few years, winter activities have been growing and growing, and it feels like we’re finally hitting a tipping point. (others seem to have noticed too!) We’ve had classics like Festival du Voyageur for years, but now we also have:

And now 2 more!


If you’re looking for family fun, this weekend is for you – there’s a snow maze planned for that pretty park behind the Millennium Library, and you don’t just get to go through it, you can help build it on February 1st! There’ll be hot cocoa, activities, music, and THE FACT THAT YOU GET TO BUILD A SNOW MAZE.  Fun fact: the landscape architect that designed the whole park is actually the one who designed the plan for the maze!


You might have seen a really cool tour that went on last summer called A Moveable Feast – people cycled from restaurant to restaurant, eating different courses of dinner along the way! There’s actually a big conference coming here in the middle of February called the Winter Cycling Congress – yes, you read that right. Hardy souls from places like Sweden, Finland, and all over North America who take to their bikes in winter are coming here! And as one of the conference activities, there’s going to be a winter edition of A Moveable Feast on February 13th! And they’ve saved some spots for the public too – so you can not only cycle in winter, and try awesome food, but you can meet fellow winter-lovers from around the world! Details are at

Moveable Feast Winter


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