Wedding bells ringing

wonderful wedding show INSPIRATION GALLERY PHOTOThere are 2 times of the year when a bevvy of brides descend on downtown Winnipeg. One, in the summer, when they line up to get their wedding pics taken at the Forks, the Leg, and against in front of a tastefully-aged Exchange District warehouse. Two is this weekend – the Wonderful Wedding Show.

It can be an intense experience! The show takes over the Convention Centre today and tomorrow, and if you’ve never been, here are my personal tips from years of attending as a bridesmaid!

1) The show features over 300 displays and 100,000 square feet of wedding goodies. So pace yourself! There’s a Brides Lounge and Grooms lounge with things like wine tastings, and more importantly – seats. Make use of them when you get tired!  Location on the map here. You’ll thank me.

2) If you’re looking at wedding dresses (hey, who isn’t?), they can be really hard to picture when they’re just hanging on the rack. So check out the fashion shows! They happen both days, and let you see the dresses ON someone moving and walking around.

3) Remember why you went! There are booths for every possible thing you could want, need, or suddenly realize you MUST have for your wedding, and it can get overwhelming. So make a list so you can hit your must-dos first. Need flowers? Find them on the map and find out which ones match your style BEFORE you get distracted by cake samples. Looking for a photographer? Chat with them and see who you click with. They’ve helpfully sorted their vendors on this list right here.

4) Once you’ve finished your must-dos, take some time to get inspired. They’ve got a whole room set up that’s called their “inspiration gallery” – leave Pinterest alone for the day, take a stroll around and get some style ideas in person!

5) Hey, there are prizes! You never know, so drop your name in a few draws before you go and see what happens. You could get a trip to Vegas, or a $20,000 dream wedding, and lots more!

Have fun!

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