Nuzzles! Blankets! Upside-down giant pants! It’s the Warming Huts 2014 designs

Hey, with crazy-wonderful concepts like that, what else COULD it be?

The Forks just revealed five warming hut designs that are going to be added to the skating trail this year (now officially known, FYI, as the Red River Mutual Trail)

They’re all wonderfully weird, and there are no words I could use to describe them that would do justice (although I’ll try) so let’s start with the pictures.

I said I’d try describing, so here’s some more detail about each of them!

  1. Windshield! It’s almost hard to think of this one as a hut at first, what with the lack of walls. But this protects skaters from the wind by turning with the wind so you’re protected – and if the breeze isn’t QUITE strong enough, you can turn the wheel inside yourself!
  2. Nuzzles! These look and sound like something that belongs on Fraggle Rock, which I love. Think they look like pool noodles? They are, in fact, pool noodles. 900 pool noodles per warming hut. It looks like playing on one of these string stress balls!
  3. The Voyageur Hut! In honour of the 45th year of the Festival des Voyageurs, this is probably the most epic hut I’ve seen yet. Yes, that is a giant pair of pants – upside down – that forms the hut. Yes, that’s a giant inflatable voyageur carrying a canoe floating above it. How high? Oh, just 200 ft or so.
  4. Skybox! This one was designed by local U of M architecture students – it looks like climbing inside a mirrored box. Because there’s no roof, the sun coming in will reflect inside and create warmth. They’re also hoping for lots of selfies with the hashtag #SkyBox!
  5. Red Blanket! The name’s a bit literal, but the concept is gorgeous – long curtains of warm red fabric hanging from the bridge you can wrap yourself in. I anticipate many cute couple photos snuggled in here!

They’re being built in late January (fingers crossed) – I’m going to have to see how they build these pants for myself.

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