Some make crafts. I SHOP for crafts.

I cannot make crafts. I’ve tried. Really, I have. All that happens is after 45 minutes I have glitter in my hair, my fingers are glued together and I need a break and a glass of wine.

So I’ve stopped letting Pinterest delude me into thinking I can make my own holiday ornaments, and I’m going to the pros this year. There are not one, not two, but THREE crafty markets downtown in the next little while that you can hit up on your lunch hour!


Farmers Market Image

1) The Downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market – the holiday edition! November 14th (that’s this Thursday!) more than 30 vendors are setting up inside Manitoba Hydro Place so I can shop for homemade honeys, jams, preserves, and crafts to create some one-of-a-kind holiday gift baskets!

Festive Artisans Market


2) The Festive Artisans Market! This one’s created by the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library. They’re bringing in everything handcrafted you can think of – quilts, stained glass, felting, handmade greeting cards, pottery, jewelry, Christmas ornaments and more!
December 4th, 11am – 5pm
Manitoba Hydro Place (360 Portage Avenue)


3) The Signatures Craft Show & Sale – this one’s at the RBC Convention Centre, so we’re talking acres of booths filled with decorative goodies I couldn’t hope to create myself. November 21 – 24
RBC Convention Centre


I think I’m going to need some new storage bins for all this stuff…


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