Halloween is on for 24 more hours!

1399360_664331306932744_304364960_oIf you didn’t get your fill of treats and late-night fun last night, the WAG’s got an all-night event for you tonight! Yes, this means you get a classy excuse to eat more mini-chocolate bars in the name of art. 🙂

They’ve got a very cool exhibit on right now called The Clock by Christian Marclay. It’s a mind-boggling compilation of more than 10,000 small film clips that are combined into a full 24 hours of film. And why the name? Every clip features clocks or watches, synced up perfectly with the actual time! So it you’re watching a clip where the time is 6:25 and you check your phone, it’s going to be the same. I tried to think about how much time it would take to put that together and my brain started to hurt.

I’ve heard people plan to come see it for 20 minutes and end up getting mesmerized and staying for 2 hours, playing spot-the-movie-clip! (2 hour stays are helped by the fact that you get to watch it from comfy IKEA couches) And of course, if you come back for a second or third visit at a different time, you’re going to get to see a totally different part of the exhibit!

Anyway, tonight starting at 6pm, the WAG is hosting a 24 hour screening – plus having a bar and treats from 7pm to 1am! A very cool way to make Halloween stick around for an extra day!

Info on the WAG website here!


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