Something has me excited about parking spaces.

Park(ing) Day is here!

Normally you don’t see me excited about parking – I bike or take the bus to work (or walk if I’m not feeling too lazy) but today I’m actually excited about parking spaces downtown.

The annual Winnipeg Design Festival just started the other day – the goal is to “share, discuss, promote, and celebrate design culture in Manitoba” with a whole lot of events, parties, seminars, and more. And I couldn’t agree more that good design makes for good places that people want to be, and we can never have enough of it.

Today as part of it the festival is taking part in international PARK(ing) day – basically parking spaces are transformed for a day into temporary parks and cool spaces for people to gather and enjoy. Right now there are 11 of them set up right along Portage Avenue between Carlton and Hargrave, transforming them into totally unique places to hang out. It’s amazing what you can fit into the space where a car would have been sitting – we have:

Winnipeg Parking Day

A pop-up office for 5, complete with coffee!

Winnipeg Parking Day

A cozy lounge

Winnipeg Parking Day

And a bar made of grass! (I feel like I should drink a wheatgrass shot when I sit there! or at least a smoothie)

Those are just 3, and there are lots more to check out – if you want to warm up, I also suggest heading across the street to centre court at Portage Place – there’s a project today and tomorrow there called Joinery going on where you can create your own piece of public art!

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