Farewell to 100 Masters

photo(10)It’s been a wonderful summer – hey, a wonderful YEAR – for their centennial at the WAG. After a hit run, their 100 Masters show closed today with a street party, and I wanted to take a minute to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to them for bringing something so amazing to the city. I hope you all had a chance to see it while it ran, because it was really one of a kind. 100 beautiful works from around the world and across the centuries, all in one place right here in downtown Winnipeg.

I saw it twice, and I was lucky enough to get a tour from Stephen Borys – he said something about why it was so meaningful to have these works here where you could see them in person, even though you can find photos of them all over the internet. “People still gravitate to wanting to see the original work of art. To stand next to it, look at it, understand it,” he said. “And this is an opportunity for you, where there will be nothing between you and Vincent Van Gogh. You’re seeing these works, and they’ll be part of your memory.”

It was an incredible opportunity for me – and from the sounds of it, for a lot of Winnipeggers. This is just a FEW of the tweets that have gone out this weekend alone – if you saw it, tell me what it meant to you in the comments!

A big congratulations, and THANK YOU to everyone at the WAG for bringing this incredible exhibition here!

100 Masters Twitter 1 100 Masters Twitter 2 100 Masters Twitter 3 100 Masters Twitter 4 100 Masters Twitter 5 100 Masters Twitter 6 100 Masters Twitter 7 100 Masters Twitter 8 100 Masters Twitter 9

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