Shopping cart gardens and beaches at the Forks

What does a garden look like? About 90% of us probably pictured something like this, right?


But what if we made a garden look something like this?

Cool Gardens 2

or this?

Cool Gardens 3

or even this?

Cool Gardens 1

Well, the last three are actually up and running at the Forks right now!

Over the last few years, the Forks has been host to some seriously cool design projects in the winter – the warming huts design competition has gotten submissions from architects as big as Frank Gehry’s firm, and the pop-up restaurant on the river wowed all of us foodies last year. So I’m glad to see all the creative design energy come to summer now too with the Cool Gardens project!

It just opened on Friday, and asked architects, designers, landscape architects, and artists to create temporary and crazy-creative garden concepts there for the summer. As of last Friday, there are now 6 temporary garden spaces set up at the Forks that are quirky, creative, and take our ideas of a garden and spin them around. Sometimes literally – the shopping cart you see above is called Carrousel, and I hear you can actually ride it – plus there are Parkour athletes performing around it! And yes, there’s actually a beach at the Forks right now!

I’m headed over to check them out this week – if you want to find out more about the gardens, check out

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