O, Canada…

CDLF_webres(2)Got plans yet for Canada Day? I know, it’s hard to believe it – the summer just started and now it’s already time for the July long weekend!

I’m headed for the Canada Day Living Flag again this year at the Leg to start the day – and I got a sneak peek at the tshirts they’re giving away!

Canada Day Tshirt

If you look closely at the flag, you can see hundreds and thousands of little people collected together – it’s pretty adorable!

Even if you weren’t at the event last year, you might remember it because of the big news we got in January – Winnipeg’s Living Flag got its very own Canada Post stamp! That’s right, everyone who turned up to be in the photo now has millions of copies of themselves circulating around the world in the mail. Pretty cool!

If you want to be part of it this year, it’s easy – turn up at the Leg grounds at 9:30 AM on Canada Day, wearing your red or white – if you’re one of the first 2,000, you’ll get one of the tshirts above in red or white too! Hang out, listen to great music, and be part of an epic photo op before you head over to the Forks for an afternoon of concerts and fireworks!

See you there! More info on the flag here, or you can RSVP and share on Facebook here!

2 thoughts on “O, Canada…

  1. Bree Rhodes – Hi. This may sound strange, but my huabsnd, Shannon, and I met Justin and Kaitlin at the recent DMB concert at the Gorge in WA. We didn’t get their last names, and are wanting to get in touch with them for the wedding. Can you please contact either of them, give them this info, and provided they remember us, get their permission to release their last names to us so that we may get in contact? Thanks heaps! -Bree

  2. the only thing that drowned the az sting was their bakrnupt owner from nhl coyotes. i thought given them being a virgin market, they had 5-6k eough to keep it alive, problem with ny is rent unless msg, pru or barclays owns the team, fo’get about it.

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