Let’s Do Lunch – Mmmm, sandwiches

This month is Let’s Do Lunch Downtown, and I’ve been doing my best to sample the special lunch menus at each and every restaurant participating. The countdown is on with 2 days to go, so if you haven’t made it out yet here are some more reasons to check it out!

From the time we’re kids, sandwiches are the quintessential lunchtime food for lots of us. And even when you outgrow peanut butter and jelly, there are still a whole lot reasons to salivate over a great sandwich – like these 3 Let’s Do Lunch specials!


PONY CORRAL RESTRAURANT & BAR – 444 St Mary Ave., (204) 942-4414
Is there anything more classic than the Reuben when it comes to sandwiches. Set Menu – $13

Served with fries and coleslaw


SYDNEY’S – 1 Forks Market Rd #215, (204) 942-6075
Made special for the luncher who means business – whether it’s doing business, or the business of enjoying a seriously good meal in a stunning setting.  Set Menu – $15.00

Applewood smoked pulled pork, pickled onion & peppers and chipotle
aioli served with pomme frites or organic greens


THE CURRENT – 75 Forks Market Rd., (204) 944-2445
OK, so the weather is still awful out some days – but grilled pineapple will do nicely to bring some sunshine to lunch. Set Menu – $10

Pulled Manitoba pork slathered in BBQ sauce with grilled pineapple and chipotle aioli,
served on a cheddar and onion bun with a caesar salad


In case you’re still on the fence about going before the month is out, here’s a reminder  – when you eat at one of the participating restaurants, you get a ballot and can enter to win a restaurant tour worth $500!


If you let me know in the comments what your favourite childhood sandwich was – you’re entered to win $25 gift cards to Sydney’s, the Current or the Pony Corral!

All the details – and all the other menus – are available at dolunchdowntown.com – check it out!

21 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch – Mmmm, sandwiches

  1. My favourite restaurant was Chuckey’s restaurant in Selkirk when I was a kid. He used to make grilled corned beef sandwiches using locally made corned beef from the butcher. They were sooo good! Mmmmmm

  2. I absolutely loved my mom’s grilled cheese sandwiches as a kid (still do!). Hand cut extra old cheddar cheese layered between two slices of white bread. Lightly buttered on the outside,the sandwich was all crunchy, warm and melty. Served with a bowl of tomato soup and a dollop of ketchup for dipping. Heavenly comfort food any day of the year.

  3. “Pizza Sandwich” made in a toaster oven. Using a single bread slice, ketchup ( or if you were able to, tomato pasta or pizza sauce) sausage meat (garlic or salmi) or chopped up ham slices or leftover chicken and cheese from a jar or singles slices – kind of like a tuna melt

  4. My dad used to bring home some ” hot . . . and fresh out of the oven ” rye bread from KUB Bakery on Stella Avenue. With that he would also bring home some fresh shaved ham. The bread was still so warm, that butter would just melt instantly on it. Add the ham and some mustard and as simple as it sounds, it was a delicious childhood sandwich memory. Hadn’t thought about that in YEARS, until you posed the question. Ahhhhh, a great memory for sure!

  5. I was obsessed with the Subway Melt. Turkey, Bacon & ham. Since I grew up outside of Winnipeg, I tried to replicate it at home. My mother even bought subway-style sandwich buns & real jalapeños. Delicious!

  6. It’s a toss up as to what was my favorite childhood sandwich as that was a long time ago, but I would have to say, like many have, peanut butter, but a close second was bologna!

  7. Ready for this? My favorite childhood sandwich was made with MAPLE LEAF KLIK. Young or old, everyone loves sandwiches made with the delicious flavour of pork luncheon meat.

  8. Cheese slices with bread and butter pickles on fresh white bread is the “childhood” sandwich that first comes to mind, but there are also MANY more that I enjoy besides just that one! LOL I loves me food! LOL

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