Got plans for Valentine’s Day?

It’s tomorrow! Got your plans yet? If not, I’ve got a great last-minute romantic idea for you – a classic romantic movie at a classic Winnipeg location.

Casablanca-Dinner-and-a-Movie-600x900---V1Watch Facebook and Twitter today too if Rick and Ilsa aren’t your style – I’ve got some other last minute ideas I’ll be sharing!

4 thoughts on “Got plans for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Hi Peggy, who was the lucky winner on Monday who got the chance to pick one of your suggested dates!! ☺


  2. Hi Lynn! It was SUCH a tough choice…the winner was just announced on Facebook, it’s Joanne for her romantic story about everything her ‘prince’ does for her 🙂 You all are so romantic, I could hardly make up my mind!

    1. – Great photos guys! They don’t look cold at all! I’ve got my first wientr wedding coming up on February 28th so hopefully it won’t be as cold then! Oh and p.s. I can officially say Rocktographers! 🙂 Keep on rockin’!

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