Love is in the air

Peggy_Web_valentines_squareIt’s  a week until Valentine’s Day! For me this year, that means treating my single self to a night out with the girls and yummy chocolate martinis. But if you’ve got someone special you want to spend the evening with, well, that’s awesome news and I want to help spread the love around a little bit. So I’ve come up with a few potential downtown dates for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Romance the Downtown Red
    Take yourselves on a mini-retreat with a night’s stay at the Fort Garry hotel – wake up late, and indulge in their legendary Sunday brunch. And grab some classic red roses from Fresh Cuts to cap it off!
  2. Sinful
    Feeling like making the ultimate commitment? Try getting a tattoo together at Metamorphosis Custom Tattoo and Body Piercing. Since you’re already feeling a little on the naughty side, grab dinner at Dessert Sinsations, try some smokin’ heels on at ShoeNet! For flowers, I’m thinking something a little more modern from Fresh Cuts – lilies? Gerbera daisies in hot pink?
  3. For the Love of the Game
    This day should be about the person you love – and if that person is a sports lover, then here’s the plan: Get them decked out in that official Jets jersey they’ve been coveting, plus accessories like hat and scarf from Uptown Sports. Take them out to cheer along with the crowd at Tavern United, and top it off with all white flowers from Fresh Cuts- nothing says Jets like a white out!
  4. Shine Bright Like a Diamond
    Sparkle sparkle! Break out tickets to the Rihanna concert (it doesn’t happen till March 25th, but you can unwrap the gift Valentine’s Day!). Avoid the rush by coming early for cocktails at Moxie’s in the MTS Centre, get some lovely flowers from Fresh Cuts and sneak a trinket from City Jewellers into the bouquet.
  5. The Art of Love
    Make it a cultural evening – their choice of tickets to an exhibit at the WAG, or to a show at the PTE – after dinner at Mediterranean bistro Arkadash, and flowers from Fresh Cuts that are pure elegance.

So now you’ve got some ideas – but I’ve got one thing more! I’ll give one lucky winner their pick of these dates, on me – if you tell me in the comments the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for someone you love!

UPDATE: And the winner is…..drumroll….Joanne! For her romantic story of everything her husband does for her after 20 years together. So beautiful & sweet! Congrats Joanne and Jeff, I can’t wait to see which date you pick!

19 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. Being married for 11 years with 4 little ones , it’s a luxury for us to be able to go out on a date .last valentine’s day I surprised my hubby with a fancy dinner at home after he got off work . I cooked everything that night from scratch and lit a candle at dinner time . I sent the kids to bed early that night . I told that me and daddy are having a date but it’s just inside the house. They were so excited too coz they know that it was a surprse:) and the following morning I found lots heartshaped post -its inside the car with hand written sweet notes ❤

  2. I hid about eight valentine cards around the house so that when my hubby (boyfriend at the time) came over, there was a valentine greeting waiting for him in every room he entered, then I cooked a nice dinner of all his favourites.

    Tomorrow, I am taking my “VALENTINE” on a romantic retreat to the Fairmont Hotel. We will settle in around 3:00 and then walk over to enjoy the MTC matinee play “Ed’s Garage” for 4:00. After a few good laughs, a lovely dinner will follow at Tre Visi Restaurant in the exchange. Then we will return to the Fairmont for a night cap in the lounge and who knows what else will follow… 🙂 We will wake up and complete our retreat with a wonderful breakfast at the Velvet Glove. Wow, what a treat this will be for both of us…can’t wait!!! LOVE IS DEFINITELY IN THE AIR!!!

  4. I took my girlfriend to one of the greatest natural wonders in the world, Niagara Falls and that is where I proposed to her and she became my wife and this year we will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. It’s not all flowers and romance but it’s all good!

  5. On our second date, my girlfriend and I went to the movies. At the end of the night, I knew that this was the woman I wanted to spend my life with. I saved that ticket stub. And mementoes from every date we’ve had since. Last spring, we went on vacation in Seattle. While we were getting ready to go out for supper, I gave her a book I made called The Adventures of Matt and Caity. The first page read Chapter One. On the second page was the ticket stub from our second date. On the third page and the fourth and fifth – souvenirs of our life together. Mini golf score cards. Concert tickets. Love notes left in lunch bags. On the last page of the book was a ring. On one knee, I looked up at her and asked if she would start the next chapter of our lives together. She said yes and we’re getting married this summer.

  6. I fancied up the bathroom with candles and flowers. Made a bubble bath, turned out the lights and waited for my bf to come home from a hard days work. He loves baths. 🙂

  7. I went out of my way to find some hard to find records for my bf on his birthday, then made a nice candle lit dinner for him before giving him his gift.

  8. I was taking a watercolour class while I was dating this guy. While he was very manly, he had a romantic, sensitive side to him that loved nature. One of the paintings I created actually turned out quite nice and reminded me of his “favorite place in world” where he took me on our third date. It was out in the country, near where he grew up, we had a bonfire… *ahem*
    So when Christmas came up,I had the only decent piece I painted professionally framed and gave the painting to him~in bed.

  9. Well downtown Peggy the most Romantic thing that I have done for someone is simple. A few years ago I met the man of my dreams and today we have been married for 9 years. Time well spent is always Romantic; so what I did was arrange a date in the sunny park and planned a pic nic with a nice romantic lunch followed by a day of cycling; we are both outdoor lovers. And then we watched the Fireworks together under a cozy blanket.

  10. I surprised my wife with chocolate. Because she loves chocolate. But this time it was from Edible Images and the fruit was dipped in chocolate. Her eyes lit up and she loved it.

  11. My husband Jeff and I have been married for 20 years. All of his actions speak of love, whether he is down on hands and knees washing the kitchen floor for me, arriving home from work with a bottle of red wine for dinner, or helping me take my elderly mother out of her nursing home to attend a family dinner. Shortly after I met Jeff, his sister Shannon told me that the man was a prince. I greatly appreciate his kindness, self sacrifice and love not only for me, but for everyone he meets.He is the love of my life!

  12. I went from just me to a family of five in less than two years. I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. One day my husband brought me upstairs, sat me on the couch and brought out his guitar. He started to sing a song that he had written for me, telling me how I wasn’t alone and that there was always someone there for me. I just looked into his eyes and I started to cry. It was seeing for the first time that some one “gets” you and really does understand what you are going through. He has written lots of songs for me, but “I Want You to Know” is special because everytime I hear him sing it, I look into his eyes and know that his heart is mine. Having someone write a song for you that is about you, and how you are special to them is romantic and lasts forever. To me, my definition of romance changed that day. It was no longer about getting dressed up and going out to a fancy restaurant, although I love doing that. It was about knowing someone so deeply that you know what is important to them; what makes them laugh, cry and smile. My husband is a wonderful man and I waited a long time to meet him.

  13. We love the Forks so I am taking my husband on a horse-drawn sleigh ride; I’ve booked a night at the Fairmont. There will be two small champagne bottles included in the room, along with chocolate-covered strawberries. I’ve made copies of pictures from all our years together and will put them up around our home with little comments of what where we were in the pictures and why they are so special. We’ll spend the day at the hotel with a walk through the Forks and Exchange District; a stop at our favourite coffee shop for lattes; a day of swimming, the sauna and whirlpool; a double foot rub and then a relaxing evening enjoying the strawberries and champagne. Before the romantic date I intend to put hearts around our home and on his pillow each day and night with romantic messages. Every day there will be a surprise for my husband of something he likes to do. I may put a message such as, “Dress warm and meet me outside in 15 minutes. We’re off on an adventure;” or I’ll leave a heart with a message saying, “Be in the kitchen at 9 a.m. for a breakfast fit for the love of my life.” I’m a real romantic but my husband is not, but he really enjoys when I spend the time to make each day memorable and to bring back good memories displaying pictures of special times. It makes us get even closer with our feelings for each other, and it’s fun to add some intrigue and fun to each day before our romantic hotel date.

  14. My wonderful sweetheart is a dedicated mom and hardly has a chance to relax, so one Valentine’s Day, I drew a bath with drops of scented oils, turned down the lights, lit the candles and spread rose pedals on the floor. Of course, there was a glass of red wine to take the edge off. Upon emerging from the bathroom, I sat her down to a romantic dinner that was topped off with chocolate fondue and berries for dessert. For me, it’s Valentine’s Day everyday of the year, but this one romantic day was extra special. Love you honey!.

  15. My wonderful sweetheart is a dedicated mom and hardly has a chance to relax, so one Valentine’s Day, I drew a bath with drops of scented oils, turned down the lights, lit the candles and spread rose pedals on the floor. Of course, there was a glass of red wine to take the edge off. Upon emerging from the bathroom, I sat her down to a romantic dinner that was topped off with chocolate fondue and berries for dessert. For me, it’s Valentine’s Day everyday of the year, but this one romantic day was extra special. Love you honey!.

  16. The most romantic thing that I’ve ever done for someone I love was how I asked Michelle to marry me. I had a dozen roses sent to her work and took her out for dinner at Hy’s steak house. Afterwards, we went to a classical concert at the rotunda of the MB. legislature. The concert was really nice music from the 13th century (very romantic). After walking down the steps, we sat down to enjoy the Christmas lighting in the legislature. I gave a heartfelt speech, knelt down on one knee, and then popped the question. She said yes, and I whisked her away to the Sheraton where I had scattered rose petals throughout the room, lit candles and chilled champagne. Her engagement ring is reminiscent of the Irish claddagh that she used to wear.

    Thanks so much for this chance to win!

  17. The most romantic thing that I’ve ever done was when my husband came home from a trip with his friend. He had been gone for a week and in that time, I printed some of my favourite photos of us together. I created a collage of these photos with our wedding photo in the centre with the words “Welcome Home – I love you very much!”. He was very flattered and surprised, plus his friend (who is also married) saw the sign when he was helping him in with his bags and said “I didn’t get a nice sign”.

    Thank you very much for this chance to win. We really appreciate it! ❤

  18. With candles lit and wine now chilled,
    Dinner made and balloons all filled,
    With pictures of life’s memories,
    Scattered all about for him to see.
    The gift, the card, and of course the cake,
    A romantic birthday is what I’d make.
    HIS birthday was the first one we’d share,
    And 12 years later, we’re still a pair!

    I love him with all of my heart and always will.
    Win or lose, this contest has served as just
    another romantic gesture that I can share with
    the man that I love! XOXO

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