Farewell to the old…

Lineup at the Paddlewheel!
Lineup at the Paddlewheel!

So, I was one of the many, many, many people who headed over to the Paddlewheel last Thursday for a final dish of cubed jello and a goodbye. If you were one of those who flocked there with me in the last few days, you know what I mean about “many, many, many” people – if you missed out, here’s what I’m talking about:

It took us almost 45 minutes to make it to the grill counter – I don’t think the Paddlewheel has been so busy for decades. And what made that 45 minutes wait totally worth it – besides the anticipation of cubed jello at the end of it – was hearing all the reminiscing going on in line around me. One middle-aged businesswoman came by with her elderly mother, and said that the first time she remembered being there, she was only 5 years old, holding her mother’s hand going down the line, and now it was her turn to bring her mother there. And when the news cameras came in, one person frantically dodged behind others in line, and I heard them whispering frantically that they had taken time off work to make it down to the Paddlewheel on its last day, and they couldn’t have their face appearing on the news in case their boss saw!

It shows just how much the restaurant meant to people – but no matter how many of us loved it when my grilled cheese, coleslaw and sweet pickles were done it was time to say goodbye. It reminded me to make sure I keep visiting my favourite places – especially the little hole-in-the-wall family restaurants, and the diners that I think will always be around because I just can’t imagine them NOT being there. Change is good, but it’s nice to take a moment to remember all the great times we had there – so via twitter, some more Paddlewheel memories – if you’ve got one of your own, share it!

Paddlewheel tweets 1 Paddlewheel tweets 2 Paddlewheel tweets 3

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