The Jets are almost back!

Valentine's DayWhile the lockout was going on, it just felt way too sad for me to have my Go Jets Go page up on the site – just kind of reminds you every day they weren’t playing! But now that it’s over (whew!) my guide to places downtown showing the games and tips on pre/post game snack stops is back up and updated! (Check out the new listing for the Met – trust me, you’ll want to go)

The countdown to the first game is on, and here’s the updated page for you!

5 thoughts on “The Jets are almost back!

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  2. Not true. Other than boring bruaeucrats in Ottawa, it is far more sexxy than Winnipeg. Winnipeg is boring. Unfortunately too many poor folks on the streets panhandling all the time.I should add that people are very nice and friendly in Winnipeg. But that is more Miss hospitality thing.

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