Here come the brides in droves! Yes, it’s the Wonderful Wedding Show

WWS Logo, image, and dates smIt’s here again – hundreds and thousands of brides are coming to downtown Winnipeg to find flowers, cakes, venues, and of course, dresses at the Wonderful Wedding Show. Don’t have your tickets yet? Well I do! I’ve got two pairs to give away – and an easy question to answer to get them. You might already know that downtown is bridal ground zero – the blocks by the Bay are packed full of dress shops! So – to enter, tell me who is your favorite downtown Wedding Retailer on the 2013 Wonderful Wedding Show website exhibitor listings? Hint – you can see the full list of this year’s exhibitors here. But make sure they’re located downtown to be eligible! Good luck brides!


UPDATE: We’ve got our winner! Congrats to Ashley, a fan of Stella’s downtown – check your email for info on how to get your tickets!

15 thoughts on “Here come the brides in droves! Yes, it’s the Wonderful Wedding Show

  1. Stella’s Bridal and Evening Collections – My daughter, Katie, purchased her dress there for her upcoming June Wedding! Would Love to win the tickets for the Wonderful Wedding Show! Thank YOU

    1. Beautiful Triduum at our newly restored ccruhh of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Redditch (UK). Even more beautiful EF Mass on Easter Sunday morning (for the first time) at St. John Fisher Church, West Heath in Birmingham. Thank you to Fr George Grynowski for celebrating Mass in the EF every week and now beginning to become regular on solemnities too!

  2. I found my dream dress at Labelle’s (across from the Bay). Now I just need to plan the rest of the wedding and tickets to the Wedding show would be a wonderful start.

    1. Dear CGThank you for sharing this with the world. As a fomrer Winnipegger myself, I have had the good fortune of having Glen as my mayor. When Glen left, I left too.It should be noted that Glen is the most popular mayor that city has ever seen. secondly, he used to live in Montreal, and has a great handle on issues that are relevant to the West and East. Meeting in the middle at Queen’s Park would be awesome for Ontario.Now I just need to know where to sign up for the campaign

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