Outdoor dance cardio. On skates!

Hit the lights, add the music - there's a dance party happening here tomorrow!
Hit the lights, add the music – there’s a dance party happening here tomorrow!

As promised, I’m on the hunt for to find out what’s awesome about all the workout and healthy eating options downtown for those of us who are working on living healthier this year as a resolution! First up was a look at Goodlife Downtown, now – outdoor cardio!


What: The Forks Arctic Glacier Winter Park & The River Trail
Where: The Forks
What’s awesome about it: Three words: Outdoor dance cardio. On skates. Ok, that’s really five words. Tomorrow, plus Jan 13th, 20th, and 25th, there’s an event at the Forks called Soul On Ice –  where DJ Hunnicut and DJ Co-op set up at the Canopy Skating Rink and transform it into a dance floor on ice! Fun, fitness-resolution helping, and something only downtown Winnipeg could have 🙂

If you can’t wait till tomorrow with that beautiful sun shining, there’s tons to do already to get active: Distance skating on the river trail, skating under the canopy, pick-up hockey next to the Scotiabank stage, snowboarding in the park, tobogganing down the hill (yes, I think walking up the hill dragging your sled gets you fitness points! 🙂 ), and I’ve seen cross-country skiiers taking to the trails as well!

Next up – Getting in some “Oms” with yoga!

One thought on “Outdoor dance cardio. On skates!

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