Be the hand in the Yule Log video!

Yule Log PicIt would be a massive understatement to say that I’m excited about the contest I’m starting today.

There are lots of things that say ‘holidays’ to me – turkey, trees, shopping for presents – and of course, the viewing of the beloved Yule Log on TV.  It’s practically a Winnipeg institution.

And now I’ve got a chance for you to be part of it! Your hand could be in next year’s MTS TV Fireplace, tending the yule log!

How do you get your shot? Starting today, I’ve got 5 fireplace displays set up in windows around the downtown. Each of them has a code word on it – go down and find them, and then submit the code words on the contest page here to enter. So the more fireplaces you go  find, the more chances you have to win! Really want to show off your fire-tending skills? Strike a pose of you with the fireplace and share with me on Facebook or Twitter, and for each fireplace photo you’ll get another chance to enter! So that means 10 chances total – up to 5 code word entries, and 5 photo entries!

The contest runs from now until December 24th – good luck!

One thought on “Be the hand in the Yule Log video!

  1. I think I might just make a log this year, was going to make a large chocolate cake for my boys and an arcpiot loaf for me. I think they will get a log instead. I’m not too keen on sweet stuff so one piece of chocolate cake is my limit I let them eat the rest, also I hate buttercream yuck. I do like arcpiot loaf though as it is very fragrant and fruity

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