Easiest. Pledge. Ever!

How can you say no to this face?
How can you say no to this face?

It may not be quite as much of a madhouse as Black Friday was in the US, but it’s definitely shopping season here!

Isn’t finding the perfect gift for someone a great feeling? When you see something and you just KNOW that person you love is going to love it. You can’t wait for Christmas morning to come so you can see their face when they unwrap it. I love that feeling (and I’m a bit of a shopaholic) so Christmas gives me the perfect excuse to go just a little over the top. And I don’t want to be the only shopaholic out there.

So I’m bringing back the Pledge to Shop Downtown for the Holidays this year!

It’s very simple, click on the link that will take you to the shop downtown Facebook page. Click on the “Like” button and you will be eligible for a host of great prizes over the next few weeks, as well as great ideas and deals for all your holidays shopping!

Basically, it’s an informal “pledge” to do as much of your holiday shopping in downtown as you can. When we support our downtown, it can only get better! And I think it’s the easiest pledge ever to take – when there’s cute stuff like the little penguin I bought for my niece out there, it’s hard for me to stop myself from shopping.

I’ve already given away a pair of tickets to the RWB’s Nutcracker…next up, two weeks with Yoga Public!

“Like” the Pledge to Shop Downtown Page and share what you’ve bought  and you’re entered to win! The higher the likes, the more prizes we’re giving, so tell your friends, family, well-wishers and acquaintances to take the pledge too!

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