Trees, Lights, and Everything Nice

I’m looking for some serious inspiration for my tree at home this year. I’ve got some beautiful ornaments that I’ve picked up over the years, but I’ve always hung them on the tree without any kind of theme. But this year, I’m taking it to the next level!

My inspiration source? I’m headed to the Festival of Trees and Lights for it. Right up till the end of next week, gallery of Manitoba Hydro Place is filled with beautiful trees all decorated by different groups – so lots of different styles to snag ideas from! One thing they have in common though – they’re all stunning. My fave right now:


Pretty, right? But that’s not why it’s my favourite. Go visit the festival, and go up close to it. Check out some of the ornaments, and voila:


Dirty Dancing & other ’80s inspired ornaments! (awesome instagram courtesy of Tourism Wpg)

If you want to see the trees, the festival is open 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at Manitoba Hydro Place until December 8, open to 4:00pm December 9. There’s also music, Santa, craft sales, and a whole bunch more – schedule’s here!

One thought on “Trees, Lights, and Everything Nice

  1. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS! My mom gets mad sometimes bescuae I read your books over and over again and don’t read other books that much. I can just imagen what could happen if there was another book. Levi and Opal could make crystal jealous (oouuuu) and Mimi could have a nice wedding with Percy and honeymoon somewhere fantastic! Or they could start out as friends. Robin could have Levi’s babies and such! :p

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