Santa Claus comes to town today!

And it’s in Parade form. 🙂

If you’ve noticed that a whole bunch of downtown streets are closed and are wondering why – well, it’s because the anual Santa Claus Parade comes through downtown tonight! I was reading up on it a bit to figure out the best places to watch from, and I came across the coolest video yesterday – the Parade in 1948! Can you believe it’s been going on for so long? I really think we should bring back the bunnies to the parade next year. (0:15 in, you’ll know them when you see them)

In case you haven’t been in a while, here’s what it looks like today – a bit of a difference:

The Santa float in 2011 – this pic is by the fab photographer Leif Norman, he’s got lots more on his blog here:


Now you want to come down nice and early so you have a chance to get a good spot, but you don’t want to be bored – right? Don’t worry, you’re covered! I don’t know what they did in 1948, but there are a lot of other activities going on downtown for Santa Claus Parade day this year. There are activities, giveaways and other ‘block party’ activities on Portage – and a free concert too! Here’s the schedule for today:

Camerata Nova – Free Concert held at Manitoba Hydro Place from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Santa’s Block Parties begin at 4:00 pm

Santa Claus Parade starts at 5:00 pm

Entertainment at The Forks – DJ Frankie Hollywood –
spinning live with Energy 106 Crew at 7:00 pm

Fireworks at The Forks – 7:30 pm

Got other questions about parking, etc? has you covered. Don’t forget your tuques – see you there!

2 thoughts on “Santa Claus comes to town today!

  1. Hi WhomeverFirstly, thanks for pyailng at Coney Island on April First. You guys were awesome. I am thinking of having a big birthday Party/Save Coney Island party atRuby’s on the Coney Island board walk in august 2007. Would you be interested in pyailng and if so what do you charge?Thanks again for brightening my April fools day.SincerelyAbe de la Houssaye

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