Happy Birthday(s)!

Random acts of cake – just one more thing I get to love about downtown Winnipeg! Portage Place turned 25 – it’s past those difficult teenage years – they celebrated by dishing out a couple of giants cakes to everyone in centre court the other day! Right place, right time for me! Cake is a good lunch, right?

Theirs isn’t the only birthday around the corner though – there’s a really big one for the Winnipeg Art Gallery! They’re turning a whole 100 years old, can you believe it? I always think of them as such a modern place, but there’s so much history there! They’re planning a whole year of special things to celebrate, but it’s kicking off on September the 29th at Nuit Blanche (more on that in future posts!). If you haven’t been, this is definitely the year to be at their party – last year the lineup was still 200 people long at 2am, that’s how packed the Gallery was from top to bottom with art lovers and partiers!

Even the lineup was fun – they had snow cones!!! Photo is Leif Norman’s – check out more of last year’s Nuit Blanche on his blog!

You can find more info on everything they’re packing in this year right here!


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