Manyfest weekend!

It’s not done yet, but I had to post already cause I’ve been having the best time at  Manitoba Lotteries Manyfest this year! I was a little worried about the weather in the morning, but it got nice in time for the Parade of Lights last night, and I’m so glad, because it was amazing!

Thousands of people with candles, bikes, and everyone streaming down the street to see fire dancers and all kinds of other cool performers! It gave me such a warm glow to see it all. I’m torn on whether I liked the lit up bikes best, or the glowing soapbox derby carts! The bikes were amazing (check out the picture!)

But on the other hand, one of the soapbox derby carts was a huge rat – rat race, get it? And it’s hard to beat that!

Today’s weather is so perfect to be strolling down Broadway I’m back again – and I already met a new friend 🙂

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