Say Cheese, Winnipeg!

Want to take some beautiful photos this weekend?

One of the top stories on the Winnipeg Free Press website right now is aerial photos of Winnipeg taken this summer – and it deserves to be, the photos are beautiful! I’m a little envious –  I’m not the world’s best photographer, and I’m in awe of how much talent there is out there in a city and how many different perspectives photographers have on my fave city. I’m addicted to looking at blogs like Winnipeg Love/Hate, and Beautiful Winnipeg – I like to think I know the downtown pretty well, but there’s always a photo or two that totally surprises me with a new angle, like this one!

Photo by Christian Cassidy, from the Beautiful Winnipeg site

So while summer’s still here I’m going to take a shot (pun intended!) at being a better photographer – Don’s Photo is offering a free 2 hour class tomorrow! It’s a photowalk downtown from 1-3. You show up, bring that fancy camera you want to make the most of, and wander with their pros, taking photos around the downtown and learning as you go! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon, am I right? You can sign up here on their Facebook page – and I’m hoping I can convince my fellow shutterbugs to share some of their photos with me next week so I can share with all of you!


One thought on “Say Cheese, Winnipeg!

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